Baby loves the Water

Yesterday I saw something saying the heat index was 104 as I was leaving work. So as soon as I got home I found Pumpkin and my swim suits and started packing up some pool stuff. Heath got home and changed then we were off to the pool. We headed to Tony’s pool in OP and he saw us pull in the parking lot and came out. We got our baby and baby gear in and to a chair then changed her and headed to the pool. I held Pumpkin’s hand and let her walk and as soon as we got close to the water she laughed and started to run. P8310085
The pool had a beach like slope so we could get just the right depth.  P8310077

We spent about and hour wondering around the pool. We played in the shallow end.

And we went to the deep end so Heath and I could cool off.

But mostly we tried to hold Pumpkin’s hands and keep her face out of the water as she tried to run around and around.


At first she thought the slide was weird but once at the bottom she would try to walk back around to the top again so we let her slide a bunch.

 P8310081 P8310082

I started to get hungry so after an hour in the pool we got out and talked to Tony and Felicia for a while. then we headed home. I’ve been in a potato mood so I pealed some more and got them cooking. Then Heath brought up her dry shelf and stuck it on the frame.

Then she pushed it in.

and it looked great. Even Pumpkin was watching.

I intended to take another picture this morning from farther back with the table back in place and all but forgot.

My taters were cooking good

so I got some chorizo sausage cooking and added a bunch of onions, mushrooms, zucchini, green peppers and cheese. In another pan I heated up some aldi jalapeno black beans and lime juice.

In my 4th pan I dumped a bunch of scrambled eggs and cooked them up. Then I mixed the sausage pan and the egg pan and of course dumped them on top.

I stuck a slice of toast in the side, topped with a bit of salsa and sour cream and set them on the table next to a few beers Heath cracked.

Then we dug in. It was really good, the taters were crispy and it was all hot and tasty. Pumpkin had zucchini, peas, black beans and pears. Once Heath and I had cleaned our plates and all that we could find left in the pans we had some pears too.

Then we made plans to go to Wal-Mart but instead just played in the family room with Pumpkin and watched TV. She was very happy and playful and eager to climb things.  We got her to give 5s to Heath and I really good but whenever I tried to film it she would try to get the camera and laugh instead of give us 5s. She was still pretty wound up at the end of the night but Heath and I needed to go to bed so we all called it a night. She did not make a peep all night and I’m guessing the pool had worn her out.



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  1. The Mrs. says:

    Yeah!  My shelf is complete.  Now on to the next project!!!

  2. brotherjohn says:

    the bonking of baby head on the slide? LOL!!!

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