340 Days of growing

Yes, this will be more appropriate in like a month when she is 1 years old but I didn’t take any pictures.

After work I headed home sent the Nanny home, picked up the girls and headed back down to the plaza.

Pumpkin was grumpy on the ride so when we parked Heath fed her a while then we headed into Tomfooleries and met up with Stooks and one of his apple buddies. We got some beers and talked a bit then ordered some food off the cheep happy hour menu. I got a burger with fries and split some enchilada dip with Heath.

We ate and had another drink and talked a while. Pumpkin sat in the high chair as long as she could stand being tethered down then we paid and left. We decided to get some beer and ice cream and hang out at our house with Stooks. Pumpkin walked and held my hand most of the way back to the car to burn some energy. On the way home we could tell she was exhausted so we kept talking to her so she would not fall asleep in the car seat but a block from home she did anyway. She opened her eyes a few times as I got her out of the car but went back to sleep.

But only for a few minutes. We put on some football and a few minutes later she was up and running around the family room. We watched the game and discussed making a store run for ice cream and beer and possibly more food.

Querterback Drew Brees, third left, and the New Orleans Saints start their title defence against the Minnesota Vikings in a rematch of the dramatic NFC Championship last season.

Pumpkin got tired and ate and went to sleep and we laid around watching the game and talking. I snoozed a bit on the couch then close to 10 Stooks went home and we went to bed.

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