Happy Birthday Kelly

After work on Friday I got home and Pumpkin was sleeping. I paid the Nanny and did a little bit of quick painting while I was waiting for Heath and Peanut to get home. Pumpkin woke up while I was painting and shortly later Heath called saying she was running late and I needed to get Peanut from school. I got Pumpkin ready and we rushed out the door. We forgot Peanut’s car seat so had to turn around and come back. Finally we picked up Peanut and then headed to Minskey’s for some Pizza. We met up with Heath, my mom, brother, sister and her fiance.

We all sat at a big table in the back and had a few beers and a few pizzas and celebrated my sister’s birthday. After dinner and cake we headed home. It looked cloudy out but we planned to try to go to the drive in movie. Heath rushed home to start packing and Pumpkin and I got some snacks from Price Chopper then helped. We loaded up the van and got ready to leave and it started raining. Then it started raining hard. We decided to post pone the drive in and instead popped some popcorn, made some drinks and watched scooby doo on the the couch.

We watched about 1/2 the movie before sending the kids and then us to bed. In the morning I got up and did some more painting on the china/wine cabinet.

It is now the same light blue as Peanut’s room but pretty soon you won’t see much of the blue. The kitchen and most of the house was a disaster so I got busy making breakfast and lunch and Sunday’s dinner and cleaning the kitchen all at the same time.

I fried up big thick apple cinnamon pancakes, I boiled noodles and I worked on enchiladas.

The kids and mom’s got up and had breakfast. I got lunch ready. I cooked chicken, then put it in a pan with cream cheese and spinach, then added beans, corn, cilantro, olives, zucchini and fresh tomatoes.

I rolled this mixture up with some cheese in tortillas. It was pretty soupy but I kept the sauce out of the tortillas then poured it into the blender and added a bunch of tomatoes from the garden. Then I poured this new sauce over the rolls.

We took showers and played with the kids and worked on laundry and other projects around the house till KK and Chiaki came over. I baked the enchilada then we had lunch.

After lunch we left the guests and kids and headed to my cousin’s couple wedding shower with Kelly and Chris. The shower was ok for a couples shower. We mostly sat around and watched them open presents and we were encouraged to play goofy games but there were snacks and booze to make it all ok.

Once home we watched James and the Giant Peach and my brother came by. We traded his truck for our conversion van for a week. I spent some time going over all the features and the bugs and how to fix them so he could successfully drive the van around. He made it down the street and to the gas station before calling me and saying he could not add gas. He brought it back and we got it fixed and then he took off. Then Heath cut up a bunch of fries and I made baked beans, broccoli and grilled some burgers.

We ate dinner then KK and Chiaki headed home and we got Peanut cleaned up and in pajamas and Pumpkin too. Then we loaded up the van and Kelly and Chris came back and we headed to the drive in movie in Independence.

We saw Despicable Me and the Expendables.

It cost $8 each for Heath and I and the kids were free. We laid a futon in the back of the van and set up some lawn chairs and cooler in front of it. Overall it was pretty fun and I’m glad we did it. The sound gave us a few problems and the video quality was not great but it was ok.

It was late when we got home and we were ready for bed. In the morning I got busy on laundry and painting more blue then made a big breakfast of fried potatos, covered in buffalo chicken chunks covered in cheese covered in gooey fried eggs. Then I mowed the lawn and weed wacked and spread some bug killing dust around the yard. Heath cleaned our room and the kitchen and Peanut vacuumed.

And Pumpkin relaxed in a nice bath.

Then Peanut an I went to Home Depot for a sprayer and then I used to to weather treat part of the deck.

The spray bottle was recommended on the can of weather treatment and was so much easier then rolling and brushing it on. Once the deck was gone I started to set  up the tables and chairs on the deck and opened the umbrella to find a nest of wasps. I got out the spray foam and fought a pretty sweet battle with them that Heath really wished she had filmed. Then we got cleaned up and our friends Brian and Courtney came over.

We mostly talked baby.

We went over all the little baby gadgets we had and what we recommended and what we didn’t and what features we found useful or not. We also showed off new projects around the house and made some tasty food. They brought over a ghost pepper

It’s a super hot chili. Brian cut a tiny hair sized bite for him and I and we tried it plain and it was really hot but we survived so he cut up all but the seeds and stem and put it in the blender. Then we added a jar of mild salsa and blended it up. Then everyone ate it with chips and it was awesome. Then also brought chicken brauts that were spiced and really good and some eggplant to grill. The eggplant was a new one for Heath and I but we really liked it. I had made a huge pasta salad and Heath made ice cream cookie sandwiches for dessert.

After dessert we talked more baby. Then they headed home, the kids went to bed and Heath and I folded all the laundry and put it away then watched the first episode from the first season of True Blood before going to bed.



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