Happy Birthday Heath

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Heath is the big 30 today so Peanut and I cooked her some breakfast in bed.
She did have to go back to bed in order to eat it though. Pumpkin was apparently too excited to wait and got us up super early. Heath fed her and then went for a run while I cooked up biscuits and sausage and then made gravy. I got up Peanut and he made a slightly grumpy smoothy.

Then Peanut made Heath’s coffee just the way she liked it but he was still a bit grumpy.

Heath got back from a run and showered and Peanut got ready for school then they climbed into bed to eat.

And I headed to work early again. 🙁

Last night was fairly uneventful and I only took one picture. Luckily it was of a nice burrito spread.

I got home from work kinda late but not super late. When I got there everyone was at Peanut’s soccer practice. He had a lot of fun, will be #6 and has orange jerseys. (I think my first ever soccer team was called Orange Crush and we had orange jerseys but I’m not positive)  Once home I cooked up these burritos with a lot of re-fried beans and a good mixing of leftovers and extra veggies mixed in. I made Peanut’s lunch and cleaned up all the kitchen and got things ready for an early morning today.

When everyone got home from practice Peanut showered and Heath and I ate then Peanut ate in the car and I took him and Pumpkin shopping for Momma’s birthday. Shopping did not go great, nothing I wanted was there and Peanut was not focused on looking for presents. We got a couple things then headed home and Peanut went to bed after Heath read the kids a book.

I headed to the shed and loaded up the truck with a bunch of old bikes and mowers and grills and other  equipment. I took it over to Jon and Amanda’s for them to sell at their garage sale this Saturday.

Once home I showered then Heath and I crawled into bed and watched True Blood.

I’ve been working too much this week so in the afternoon I took a long lunch and met up with the family at the KC Zoo. Peanut had a 1/2 day so Heath took one and gave the Nanny the afternoon off. Once there we headed strait for the new polar bear exhibit.  IMG_2154

It was pretty nice. There was only one bear (not pictured above) in it so he had tons of room and was spending the afternoon getting some exercise and staying cool by swimming laps.  IMG_2157 IMG_2156

There was a really good view of the underwater part of the bear but my pictures turned out bad, he was swimming at a pretty speedy pace.

Once we had our fill of the bear and the nice cool viewing area we headed around the zoo to see the tigers and stuff.

 IMG_2163 IMG_2161

Then we headed over to Australia to check on the kangaroos and all their buddies.


We wondered around the zoo and saw several animals and watched the Sea Lion show. There was not much of a crowd at all so we let Pumpkin out of the stroller to play at the Discovery Barn. This was really fun and Iz was cracking me up running all around the room checking on the animals and stuff.  IMG_2168

I think her favorite was the group of bright red parrots.


But she really liked watching the little monkeys jumping all over the cage, she probably picked up some climbing tips.


I really liked this picture.

Okay now to turn back the clock. Here is 10 years ago +/- when I met Heath.

here is 27th birthday



and 29th (Pumpkin in belly)


to be taken tonight.


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4 Responses to Happy Birthday Heath

  1. DB says:

    You’re old.

  2. Ge-off says:

    Let me know what 30 is like.  I’ll be there next week.  Ugh.

  3. TCB says:

    If you are sad being 30,  think about you being 40 years old. And you should be very happy right now.

  4. Courtney says:

    Welcome to the 30s club Heath!  Happy birthday!

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