Little Ladies in Hats


After work I headed home and Pumpkin helped me thaw some chicken and make a giant salad. Heath and Peanut got home and Peanut had a few grapes and did some coloring then his dad showed up and took him to some sort of Dad’s and kids night at school. Then Heath Pumpkin and I went on a short run. Shortly after getting home Jon and Alli showed up and Jon left Alli with us so he could have date night.  IMG_2216

We finished getting dinner set up and put Pumpkin in the high chair and fed her and we took turns holding Alli or trying to convince her to relax on the couch with us.


Heath Pumpkin and I ate then we packed up the girls in the double stroller and headed out for a walk.  IMG_2218

We wondered around a while and expected one or both the babies to fall asleep but instead they just had fun.


Once home we changed butts and Heath and the girls started playing and reading in Pumpkin’s room.  IMG_2223 IMG_2226

I started packing up stuff to try to sell and Jon and Amanda’s garage sale and bringing junk down from the attic. Peanut came home and moved to the bath. 3 kids was suddenly overwhelming for Heath and I rushed in to help. Peanut took a bath and then Pumpkin saw him in there and got jealous so she took a bath after him. While she was in the tub Peanut and Alli had snacks.  IMG_2228

Then Pumpkin put on pajamas and came out to play.

Then all the kids got fussy and we put them all to bed. I made a little floor bed for Alli in baby jail and fussed for a little while then fell asleep. Heath and I loaded a few things into my truck then a refreshed Jon and Amanda showed up. We talked and had some wine and hung out till bedtime.

Remember we are going to have a birthday party for Heath tomorrow at our house. I think early on we will fry some stuff candy, fries, funnel cakes, whatever and put that away and play some games or something.


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