Soccer and Parties

After work Friday I stopped by Jon and Amanda’s and put prices on our stuff for the garage sale then headed home and started getting stuff ready for a mini trip to Pittsburg. When Heath and Peanut got home we loaded up and headed out. We met up with KK and Chiaki along the way. Once in Pittsburg we met Heath’s mom at a burger place called Freddy’s and ate then went to the PHS vs PHS football game(Paola High School Panther’s vs Pittsburg High School Purple Draggons). The game was pretty entertaining and Paola had a big win. After the game we loaded up the kids in Grandma’s van for their slumber party then we headed to Tony and Felicia’s new house. Then we ran around town checking out how things had changed and making sure the best spots were still there. We started with big slim jim beers at the 311 club then bottles at 505 then pitchers of Natty at Mormans and finished the night at a new place called the Jungle. Once they closed we got a big bag of McDonalds cheeseburgers and headed home.

In the morning we got up a little after 7 and headed home. On the way we stopped to drop off KK and Chiaki at their car and when we arrived we found the car was gone. It had gotten towed for being left overnight. We took Heath home then got some money and went to reclaim the car. Once we had it back we headed to Peanut’s soccer game and we met up with him, Heath, Pumpkin, Granny and Jendra.  IMG_2240

The boys warmed up and we got settled on the sideline.  IMG_2244

It was really hot and humid. Eventually the game started and Peanut happened to have the kick off. The video at the top of the post was the first play of the game and much like the rest of the game. It was way more exciting and funny then I expected and Peanut did great.


He loves to run and is pretty agressive and seemed to often come out of the pile with the ball. On one of the first few plays he broke away, took the ball down and scored the first goal.  IMG_2264

They play two 15 minute halves but seem to break often to reorganize the boys and trade out subs.  IMG_2260

Eventually the refs (parent coaches) blew the whistle and we took a 1/2 time break.


So it was time to cool off with a drink of water and snack on some oranges.


We brought a ton of oranges so everyone had some, even the littlest fans.

 IMG_2272 IMG_2283

The second half was a little slower and you could tell the aggressive kids were wearing out and the laid back players were still pretty laid back.  IMG_2292

I could definitely tell Peanut was getting worn out and so he tried out being the goalie.


And took a few more breaks on the sideline.


Peanut’s team didn’t score any more points after Peanut’s goal and the other team snuck 2 goals in between our goalies legs and one around the side. Peanut was a little disappointed they lost but he did a great job and had a lot of fun.

We took it easy most of the afternoon and everyone got a nap in and then Heath and I cleaned the house and got things ready for the birthday party. When it started to get close to dinner time we fired up the fryer.


and mixed up a bunch of pancake batter.


Then we rolled some candy around in it


and tossed it in the pot


Everything cooked really quick so I had to keep a close watch on it.

And once things looked golden brown I scooped them out.


I didn’t take many pictures but a big crowd of people filled the garage and talked and hung out while I fried up whoppers, snickers, twix, milky way, Hershey bars, zucchini, mozzarella cheese sticks, cheese filled hot dogs cut into bites, nutty bars, and just pancake batter plain that turned into a funnel cake like substance.

I tried at least 1 of everything and it was all pretty good. The home made cheese filled corn dogs were probably the best but I heard some other opinions too. While frying my mom showed up and picked up the kids for the 2nd night of sleepover party.  It was pretty exciting for everyone.

I turned off the fryer and we moved out of the hot dirty garage to the cooler cleaner basement. Heath and Bobbie mixed up a big jug of mojito punch.


People played pool and Foosball and a crowd quickly formed a big circle around the giant jenga set.


Giant Jenga turned into the focus of the night and we played several games.


We did pretty good and at made it to 30 levels high and took a picture with all the 30yr olds.  IMG_2337
Then got at least 1 row higher.

(I’m not sure if the head is a legal technique but we allowed it)

Eventually a chicken nugget run was made and we moved our attention to more fried food.


And birthday shots.


Some people left and some went to bed and eventually everyone went to sleep for the night. In the morning Heath and I slept in a bit then headed to my mom’s to get the kids. They had a good time and supposedly were well behaved. Once home I cooked up a bunch of chorizo, eggs, potatoes beans and corn. After breakfast the last of our guests left and we laid around on the couches watching the chiefs. Pumpkin took a nap and after her nap we paused the game and did some grocery shopping. We got 98 items at Aldi for about $130 then got a few more things at Price Chopper. We unpacked and messed around the house a bit then watched the rest of the game both the kids were grouchy and had to go to bed. Pumpkin slept and Peanut played his Diji video game. I watched the Chiefs win and Heath napped on the couch. After the game Peanut played Wii and I cleaned up the fry remains in the garage and the drink remains in the basement then put a coat of wax on the china cabinet in the basement.

This wax layer goes in between the blue color we had already painted and the black color Heath put down later on.

It protects the blue paint from being scraped off when we give the cabinet a distressed look.

Before Heath painted though we had dinner. I made some cheesy broccoli rice stuff and Peanut made mini biscuit pizzas.

And Heath made some stuffed peppers.

Pumpkin snacked on random things an applauded our efforts.

Heath and I had 3 peppers and 2 were great with just a little heat but the last one was pit of fire.

After dinner Peanut took a bath, I played with Pumpkin and cleaned up the kitchen and Heath did the black painting. we left the inside blue but put a coat of flat black paint on everything else.

It was weird painting over the wax and it gave the paint a strange look that normally would not be good probably but once we sand parts it may be perfect.

Then Pumpkin and I took a shower and Heath got Peanut read to and in bed. Then Pumpkin went to bed and Heath and I were right behind her.

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