More Fun then Productivity


Friday Heath worked a half day then picked up the baby and came to meet me for lunch. Before we could go eat we had to show off Pumpkin to my coworkers. Then a few things came up and we postponed lunch and eventually instead of going to lunch we just hung out at my office till it was time to go. Then we went home changed clothes, got rid of one of our cars and put a coat of poly on the doors to our wine cabinet. 

First we sanded the black paint a little bit so you could see some blue. Then put down the poly so more of the black would not come off.

Also I have some good news. Once in the basement we discovered a funky smell and it was my hooch. So I moved it out of the bar and into the back corner of the shop. It is not fermenting fast enough to see bubbles of CO2 coming through the tube but you can smell the yeast getting excited in there.

Then we went to Lew’s for happy hour. We got a couple of drinks for $2 each and split a monster appetizer for $10 that had a little of everything on it.  We ate and ate and ate and planned out how to be productive this weekend and had a nice, but late lunch. Then Amanda, Alli and Jon showed up and got a drink and helped finish off the last of our appetizer platter. Then they headed home to get some dinner and we headed home to try to get a few productive things done.

Our polyurethane was dry so we brought the wine cabinet doors back up and Heath cleaned the glass and I fixed up all the shelves and then hung the doors. Then I put a bunch of wine and glasses and stuff in it, then Heath took all the stuff out and put it back in differently, then she did this a few more times. And then it was done.

But just for a little while, before she decided to move a shelf a little bit and then swap the stuff on it with another shelf. Then it was really done.

at least for a day or two.

Actually we really like the new cabinet and it is 10x better then the old one but we still need to figure out a better way to store the wine then standing upright. Some bottles with real cork corks will dry out and the wine will go bad unless it is stored on it’s side or upside down.

Before we were done with the cabinet Jon and Amanda came over and we hung out and let the babies play. The babies ignored their toys and went strait for the frosty cold unopened beer cans.  IMG_2437

I imagine they felt good on their teething gums and we just thought it was pretty funny.


Stooks joined us and then Tony and Felicia and we hung out for a while then we put the babies to bed and Heath, Amanda and Stooks headed out for a night on the town. The rest of us started in on a Jon project.

Jon had heard of a potential way to cut electricity bills that he wanted to test.

A little background info: The electricity comes into the house on two wires. A meter is connected to them and the two wires split up to power everything in the house. Jon had heard that the meter works by determining what wire is using the most electricity then doubles it. So if your lights and things you plug in happen to be evenly spread between the two wires then your bill is correct but if you have more stuff on one wire then the other say 70% of your electrical stuff on one wire and 30% on the other then you are billed for more then you use. Our plan was to test this out and if it was true, map out how our house is wired and adjust till we have about 50% of our stuff on each side.

The mapping process was going to be long and tedious but the testing process was pretty simple. First we determined how much electricity the house was using in normal conditions. We went out to the meter and watched the little dial spin. We set a timer and clocked the dial go around 3 times. We recorded it’s time. Then we went in and plugged a space heater and the toaster oven in and turned them on. They were plugged in on the same wire. We recorded our dial 3 times again. It went around SOO much faster.

Then we cut some fuses and figured out where an outlet was that was on the opposite side of the first one.

Then we moved the toaster and the space heater to that outlet and recorded again.

Then we put the toaster on one side and the space heater on the other and recorded those times.

We found that anytime the toaster and space heater were plugged in we used the exact same amount of electricity and where they were plugged in did not make any difference.

This was bad news because we could not lower our electric bill but good news because we would not be spending the night tracing out electrical work for the house.

We watched a movie and had a few beers instead.

In the morning I cooked up some breakfast then we went to Peanut’s soccer game.  IMG_2459

We were looking into the sun so after getting settled Pumpkin and I went to the car to look for a hat. When I got back Peanut had scored. Just like last game right in the beginning he got a break away and took it down for a goal. Heath described how awesome it was and I was disappointed I missed it but a few minutes later he got another break away  IMG_2484

and scored again. His team definitely won this game and he definitely got the most shots. It was a lot of fun and we had a good time watching him.  IMG_2491

Once again he wore out in the second half and took on the goalie position.  IMG_2494

At the end of the game the parents all made a tunnel and cheered as the boys ran through it. They thought this was really cool. Then we headed home planning to eat something quick, run and start working on the house and other projects.

We got Pumpkin in bed, warmed up some lunch, then ended up eating it in bed and falling asleep too. All three of us had a great nap and were awoke when someone was in our house calling for us. Heath’s aunts fiance had just moved and was dropping off a bunch of stuff they didn’t want. We made a pile in the garage and almost went back to sleep but needed to get showered and ready for a wedding. All 3 of us got dressed up nice then headed to Spinghill for a wedding. Heath was worried because we were late but we were only like 5 minutes late and the wedding was over 30 minutes behind schedule.

They got married and took pictures and we ate a bit then headed out. We went over to Ge-off’s 30th birthday party. It was a full house and Pumpkin was ready to run around. There were some other kids for her to follow around and lots of new stuff for her to get into. We talked to friends, drank off the keg and chased Pumpkin around in circles all night and had a great time.

Sunday morning we slept in and had still not done any of the productive things we wanted to. We were hosting a wedding shower at 2 so our time was almost up. We cleaned and moved furniture and straitened things and worked and worked and worked. At like 5 till 2 we were done and I grabbed an ice tea and left as all the ladies were showing up to do wedding shower stuff for my sister. IMG_2520

they ate cake


drank some tasty orange punch  IMG_2515

and opened presents IMG_2511

Pumpkin helped while wearing part of her flower girl costume.  IMG_2517

Meanwhile I went from hurry and get the house ready mode to “Ohh my I have been sweating and rushing around all morning without eating or drinking anything after a night of drinking and my head is angry mode” I filled up Heath’s car with gas then got a foot long sub and went to see what Jon was up to. I ate and drank a bunch thinking I would be fixed in no time but one meal did not fix me.

So Jon and I got busy building the trailer. Jon has some really fun toys and we got a handful of them out then started cutting and stuff. We cut the front off the old boat trailer. The trailer was originally for a speed boat, then Jon modified it for a pontoon and then we were turning it into a flatbed trailer. We shorted it up a bunch and got rid of most of the boat related stuff on it. Then we welded some of the front back on and then built rails around the outside. I didn’t really take picture as we went so I have several from the end and non of the progress. Also they are on my cell so look crummy. IMAG0017 IMAG0020 IMAG0019 IMAG0018

Jon accurately describes the trailer as “Stout as F***” and it is. It’s just about 5ft wide and 8ft long and I would have no fear piling up a heavy pile of firewood rounds on it. At the end we put down 2 layers of plywood and a little gate at the back.

 IMAG0021 IMAG0022

This trailer is way cooler then we expected. We still need to run lights to the back, mount my old truck toolbox on the front, paint it, and probably get it tagged but otherwise it’s ready to go and we are eager for a test.

I helped clean up then headed home. Heath was making a huge pile of bean and veggie and sausage nachos. We moved them and some water to the couch and all 3 of us chowed down.
I finally had time to watch the chiefs game and luckily we had gone the whole day without finding out what happened. We watched the game and fast forwarded through all the commercials and stuff. It was pretty awesome.

Then we watched some True Blood and Pumpkin fell asleep nursing. Then she went to bed and we watched another episode in bed before falling asleep.

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