After work we had a fussy baby that needed to be fed. Then my sister came over to show off her new car, pick up some flowwers from the shower and have me help pull the old license plate off so she could put on a new one. We hung out in the driveway for a bit and Pumpkin played with her car.

Then Kelly left and we got the stroller loaded up and we went for a run. We ran to the gas station and tried to buy a few lottery tickets for our Nanny’s birthday today but you have to pay cash and I had none. Then we ran some more. We didn’t take any pictures till we got home.

Then we started cooking dinner and cleaning up the kitchen. I made beans and corn, brown rice and some tilapia.

Then we stuck all this stuff in wheat wraps, topped with a little rotel and had some really tasty fish burritos.  While eating dinner we started a mission to catch up on tv shows. I don’t even remember what all we watched but it had to be like 6 shows.

We put the baby and eventually us to bed. In the morning I made up a batch of mixed berry birthday pancakes for Nanny and headed to work a bit early.

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