Happy Birthday Pumpkin

 IMG_2643We had quite a party this weekend and it took a lot of work to pull off. After work on Friday I drove up to Belton and rented the moon walk.


Then I came home and started boiling noodles, cutting vegetables, and cooking bacon. Pumpkin was hungry and as I made pasta salad she ate and ate and ate. 

Eventually I ended up with this huge bowl of pasta salad.


Friday night is kind of a blur but we did a lot to prepare for the party. Heath had gone to the doctor and found out she was sick with an ear infection and a sinus infection. She and the kids unpacked the Halloween decorations some.

And she went to Aldi for a few supplies we needed.

Peanut earned a dollar by cleaning up his old playhouse.

Whenever Pumpkin and I went out to check on him she immediately ran over to the food and water bowls and stood in the water.

We had a fairly simple dinner and Heath and the kids went to bed early so I could cook and clean. Unfortunately I got called into work first but quickly fixed the problem and came home. I cooked up a double batch of pumpkin bread and then cut it into a giant 1.

The next morning Heath helped smooth out the white icing for me and added the yellow stuff.

I made a huge pan of pumpkin short cakes.


and I put up balloons, lights and streamers to be ready for the party.


I got to bed around 11:30 and then woke up at 5:45 am and carried all the crock pots up from the basement fridge and got them plugged in and cooking.

We had 16lbs of pork roast plus a ton of beans and stuff mixed between pots of stew, spicy, medium and mild.


I tried to go back to sleep for a while but Heath’s alarm went off at 6:30 and she got up and saw all the lights and streamers and got excited. She put up all the Halloween decorations and got me up. We got the kids ready and put together a slide show for the computer/tv and did 1 last kitchen clean up after breakfast. Then Heath and the kids went to Peanut’s soccer game while I vacuumed the house, swept and mopped the kitchen then showered off myself. Peanut had team pictures before the game.


Heath’s uncle Scott his son Mason and grandson Braxton came to the game. I got there 5-10 minutes late and Peanut’s team was already winning 2-0.


I was surprised to find that Peanut had not scored the first 2 goals. His team did score 2 more goals during the game and Peanut was responsible for one of them.


He was really funny after he scored throwing his hands in the air and then high fiving all the team.

Pumpkin was a little fussy and right after the game she went to sleep. We got the drinks set out and the chili mixed up and desserts set out and blew up the moon walk.


Shortly later the house was packed with people.  IMG_2636 IMG_2652

We talked and snacked and got drinks then tore into the chili. I thought it was really good and only heard people saying good things about it. I think about everyone had at least 2 bowls. After chili Heath got Pumpkin up from her nap and dressed her in her birthday dress.


and everyone said “ohh how cute” Then we took off her pretty dress and got her ready to destroy a cake.


We sang happy birthday and Peanut helped her blow out the candle. She tried a little bit but really only got icing and was surprisingly not all that impressed.  IMG_2647
Heath took away the cake and instead we gave her a pumpkin shortcake. She liked this and ate it right up.


As Pumpkin was finishing eating/making a mess we started opening presents.


Once the presents and cake were all gone we cleaned her up and put the dress back on Pumpkin and let her play.

 IMG_2669 IMG_2670 IMG_2672 IMG_2668

Most of the family left so we took Pumpkin outside and let her play in the moon walk with another little boy.  IMG_2677

I was not sure how it would go but she loved it and even seemed to roll around and bounce on purpose.  IMG_2682

My dad was working in St.Louis so he drove over for the afternoon and night. My sister came back over too and brought Pumpkin’s flower girl outfit for her wedding.


We messed around all afternoon and eventually everyone but Dad and Kelly went home. Then it was time for a 2nd round of chili


and since dad is not around for KC BBQ that often we got a few slabs of ribs and stuff from smokestack.


We got good and stuffed then hung out on the couches most of the night digesting and relaxing.

In the morning Pops got donuts and I made a leftovers and potatoes mix. Peanut and Pops played outside a bunch while Heath and I cleaned up then Pops headed back to St. Louis and did more cleaning up and getting back to normal. Heath worked on organizing her clothes and the kids and I went to Home Depot for a few things. Then we blew up the moon walk again and hopped in as a family.


and hopped around  IMG_2717 IMG_2709

Then we ate a snack and Pumpkin tried to take a nap. Heath went back to work on the bedroom and I worked on cleaning up the garage. Peanut jumped some more with a neighbor. Then we took a bike ride / run to the park. Once home we had ribs and stew leftovers for dinner and watched some cartoons. Then Pumpkin and I cleaned up her toys, moved the playhouse inside and folded laundry while Heath and Peanut went to Church and Target.

Then we all went to bed.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Pumpkin

  1. Courtney says:

    Looks like you had an awesome party and an awesome weekend!  Happy late birthday Pumpkin!

  2. thePrewitt says:

    I know it’s late in the day to ask but does anyone have ideas for what to do tonight? It’s Pumpkin’s real birthday and we are not sure what to do special for her tonight.

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