The birthday Day


So yesterday was Pumpkin’s actual birthday and Peanut and Heath luckily had the day off. In the morning they all went shopping and returned the moon walk. Then they met me at a McDonalds playplace for lunch.


After lunch they headed to the farmstead with Amanda and Alli.  IMG_2734

I guess they saw a cow,





and teepee.


But it looked like most of the fun was with the cut out face things.

 IMG_2739 IMG_2749

After work I got home and since Pumpkin did not request a special dinner I made food she could eat and since she is a baby I made baby chickens.


I also made mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots.


Me and Peanut really liked the game hens that I roasted and basted with honey, oil and red wine but Heath was a bit grossed out by eating the meat off the bone. Peanut and I felt like giants gobbleing up the tiny legs.

 IMG_2758 IMG_2759

I’m pretty sure Pumpkin did not know anything was different then normal, she loved the carrots the most but also liked the green beans a lot.


After dinner she opened another birthday present Peanut had picked out for her.

Then we had baby play time.


We all headed into baby jail and climbed around and played with the new toys and listened to Rafi.

It was pretty fun for all of us. After playtime the kids hopped in the tub.

Then Heath fed Pumpkin and Peanut and I got his clothes ready for this morning and put together his lunch. Then he and Pumpkin both went to sleep. I ran 2 miles then Heath and I watched 2 episodes of House and went to bed. I got up and ran three and a half more miles and worked on my wood pile this morning.




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  1. The Mrs. says:

    My husband is such a little runner lately!

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