A Little Slice of Halloween

more to come after tonight’s visit to the Powel Pumpkin PatchHeath came home with a giant aluminum wrapped pile of pasta and stuff from an Olive Garden catered lunch at her work. So dinner was pretty easy and luckily quick. I made some asparagus, peas and carrots to eat with the pasta.

I’m not sure what all I ate but there was some Alfredo stuff and some lasagna stuff and some other noodles too. We barely finished our plates when it was time to get Peanut to soccer. Pumpkin and I decided to stay home and get busy and Heath and Peanut got ready and rushed out. Heath seemed a bit stressed so after getting the dishwasher loaded and running Pumpkin and I wondered around the yard looking for wild flowers. There were lots of little white ones but only a few little purple ones to give it some color.

With Pumpkin on my back we ran around all over the house putting away things and cleaning up. We brought out some more Halloween decorations and then I let Pumpkin run around in the yard and I hung a few spooky lights.

Heath and Peanut came home and Peanut ate some more dinner and took a shower then headed to bed. Pumpkin and I played in baby jail a while then she got changed and pajamas and Heath put her to bed. We watched some tv, had a little glass of wine and went to bed.


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