Powel Pumpkin Patch


No big surprise, after work we were in a hurry. Heath and Peanut got home first and tossed a handful of cheese filled hot dogs in the toaster oven and picked out clothes for everyone and got ready. I got home and started to change into shorts and a t-shirt then found out we were taking some family pictures and we all needed a polo shirt and jeans.

So I got ready and tossed a bunch of grapes, raisins, banana chips, party mix and the hot dogs in the van. Then we headed out to Louisburg and did really good getting through traffic and eating 1/2 of dinner along the way.

Once there we talked to Katie a bit then grabbed a wheel barrow and headed out into the field.


I never really got a good overall view shot but there is a huge field with tons and tons of nice pumpkins. It’s really hard to pick out the perfect ones though because each time you see a nice one and get it in the wheelbarrow you find one a little bigger or a little rounder or a little more unique.


Pumpkin started out with a wheel barrow all to herself but in no time she was squished in with a bunch of pumpkins.


My favorite was this bigger then the baby one.


We wondered around the field a while and put pumpkins in the cart and took some out and tried to take some fun pictures but the sun was coming at us pretty hard and it was a little tough on the eyes/shadows.

 IMG_2794 IMG_2807

We found this tiny pumpkin and let Pumpkin carry it around.


Then we headed back to the main area and talked to Katie and let Pumpkin run around and explore some.


Heath’s mom, sister and brother showed up and picked out a pumpkin then we went on an adventure through the corn maze that was cut in the boy scout symbol.


kinda like this

We made our way through the maze then played a little bit and paid for our stuff then headed out.


We stopped at Hometown Pizza in Louisburg on the way home and had 2 pizza’s for the 2nd 1/2 of dinner. Then Peanut got some ice cream to share.


We got home a little late and got the kids in bed right away. Heath and I watched a little TV then headed to bed early too. I was feeling tired and full and fell asleep quick. This morning I got up early and Berry and I ran 3.8 miles then I cooked up some pancakes w/ reese’s peanut butter cups in them and got ready for work.


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  1. achromy1 says:

    Your blog with the Powell Pumpkin Patch entry was linked up to the Powell Pumpkin Patch facebook page.  I’m bored tonight so followed the link.  Anyway your pictures are GREAT – mind if i ask why kind of camera you used to take the pics?  I might just head out and buy one.  Thank you so much.  Sorry – I know it’s weird to have someone you don’t know emailing you.

    Ann Bower — shutterflysix at yahoo dot   com.  thx.

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