Congratulations Cousin Rachel and Alex


Friday first thing we picked up Pumpkin and took her for her 1 year check up. We found out she is doing super. She is just the right size and shape and is a happy, healthy little monkey girl. She is just shy of 20lbs now but eating so much lately I would not be surprised if she was up to 20lbs after the weekend. After the doctor had her all looked over and she got 3 vaccines we headed home. Pumpkin screamed a bit after the shots but seemed fine after a few minutes. Once home we did some cleaning up and and getting the house ready for my sisters batchelorette party.

Heath headed out to see her aunt and Pumpkin and I got the last of the cleaning done. Kelly came over, and her guests started to arrive so Pumpkin and I headed out. Batchelorette parties have no business on this website. Pumpkin and I headed to Mike’s Tavern. We met up with a table full of my coworkers celebrating the new radio show and staff associated with it. I had a couple PBRs and Pumpkin had a bunch of cheerios and crackers that she tried to share with everyone. Eventually sitting in my lap and not running circles around the bar drove her crazy so we got out of there.

Pumpkin and I headed over to Loose park and went strait to the playground. I was not sure how she would do nut playgrounds must be instinctive for kids. She ran right over and started climbing. She climbed up and down the stairs, rode the slide and I pushed her on a swing. She just laughed and ran. It got dark and I scooper her up and put her in the jogging stroller and she was a little pissed but once we got running she was happy to watch. We ran almost a whole lap in one way then got behind a slow crowd so turned around and ran the whole way around the other way. I am thinking it was about 2 miles.

Then it was really dark so we packed up in the truck and headed to Jon’s house. Pumpkin fell asleep on the way over so Jon and I sat on the porch and kept an eye on Pumpkin in the truck. Jon and I talked and had a couple high lifes. Pumpkin woke up and ran around the porch a while. Then I took her home. We got some McDonald’s on the way home. I scarfed my doubles then fed Pumpkin a parfait while we hid in the basement from the party. Eventually we were found and gave the girls a ride to the bars. Then I fed Pumpkin and got her in bed and took a shower and went to bed.

Saturday morning I took a quick short run then we got our stuff all ready then headed to Peanut’s soccer game.


This game was a little different then the others. Neither Peanut nor anyone on his team scored, they got stomped. The other team scored a ton of goals but our team still had fun and the 1/2 time oranges and post game juice boxes were just as sweet as ever.


After the game we rushed home, grabbed our wedding gear and headed to Nevada, MO. We got there a little early and discovered we had left some stuff at home so we made a quick stop at Walmart. We met up with pops there, got our stuff then headed to the chapel. We got dressed in the parking lot then were looking pretty snazzy.  IMG_2894

We talked with some family and showed off Pumpkin while pictures were taken of my relatives.


Then it was our turn for a massive picture of almost all the Prewitt’s.

We got a picture of our little family.


And one of my Grandma and her kids.


After pictures we snuck away for a little trip to Sonic. Then it was time for the wedding.  IMG_2930

Then we all cheered and headed across town to the reception.


Pumpkin fell asleep on the way over.


We ate some and she woke up and ate too. We talked and partied and cheered and all the normal wedding reception excitement. Pumpkin was really excited and refused to do anything but run around crazy on the dance floor with the other kids or bounce from table to table of people.


She was really tired thought and eventually ran herself out. So we took her home and put her to bed. Once home Heath and I relaxed on the couch and watched some tv before going to bed. Pumpkin and I got up fairly early. We made blueberry pancakes

and I started cooking a pot of dry beans

and I made a dip to eat during the Chiefs game. We cleaned up the kitchen then headed outside to play. Pumpkin chased a ball and rode around on a scooter thing and I got the truck loaded up for a trail run. At 11 we went and woke up Heath and Pumpkin had a snack. Then we went to the little blue river parkway and tried out a trail run with Pumpkin in the jogging stroller.

The weather was unbelievable and it had not rained in so long the trail was in perfect shape. There were a few spots we had to walk the stroller over bumps and a stream we had to carefully cross but otherwise it went great and Pumpkin loved it.

It’s really tough to figure out how far we went. I think a little over 2 miles but we did have to walk and stop a few times and the trail is too wooded to map from Google earth.

After the run we headed home and got lunch ready and watched almost 1/2 of the Chiefs game. Then Pumpkin and Heath went to a baby shower and I changed my oil in the truck and cleaned up the house a bit. Then I started working on building a mantle for our fireplace upstairs.

I got 3 boards ready for the 3 sides. I had some exciting cuts to make for everything to fit right and once it was all fitting well I headed to the garage and stained the boards ebony.

Then I talked to Heath and she had heard about the Chiefs game so didn’t care if I waited for her to finish it. I watched the rest and the girls came home during the game. Then I cooked up some dinner. We had a big pot of broccoli, green beans and carrots, plus some sweet potato fries and some fish sandwiches that were loaded.
egg, fish, pickles, cheese, tomato, bacon and mayo on toast.

We ate and watched some TV and played with Pumpkin. She was loving a box that had a tea set in it and seemed to still prefer the box after we took the toys out of it.

Then she did something scary. Remember we cleaned up this playhouse and put it in baby jail.  IMG_2622

I positioned it in baby jail so the ladder was hard to get to so Pumpkin would not climb up high without supervision. She loves to slide but relies on us to put her up there.

Well as we were watching she walked up to the slide, grabbed on and climbed her way right up to the top, no problem.

She played for a while then slid down and laughed and then did it over and over. Sometimes she would explore at the top a while and sometimes she would just slide right back down.

It’s kind of exciting and kind of scary.

Shortly after this excitement we all headed to bed.




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