I got a new phone

I’ve not gotten it all set up how I want yet but so far I think I’ll really like the Evo.
My work gave me the phone right at the end of the day then Stephen gave me a ride home. Pumpkin was in a great mood and this was good but made me a little sad because I didn’t think it would last long after the night we had planned. I sent Nanny home and grabbed a few Pumpkin snacks and then we loaded up and headed over to Children’s Mercy Hospital. We met up with Heath and headed in.

We were not at the hospital for anything bad, Pumpkin’s doc just wanted a blood test done so they can test to see what she is allergic to and what she is not. She has a higher chance of getting my nut allergy and we suspect she may have an egg allergy. We checked in at the front desk and got ID badges and headed to the lab. It looked pretty empty and I expected we would be in and out in no time.

That was the first surprise of my night. Instead of checking us in at the lab the lady gave us one of those vibrating disk things and had us sit down until she buzzed us. We took a seat and I got out my phone and started playing, Pumpkin messed around a minute then started trying to escape the waiting room and got a little annoyed. I figured out how to take pictures with the 8MP camera on the phone.

After quite a while we buzzed and  went to check in. We gave our paperwork to the lady and our names and insurance information and then we were all set to wait for our turn. Then we waited some more. I think we were the only ones in the waiting room. Pumpkin got more and more creative at trying to escape into the halls of the hospital and Heath pinned her down to look at books.

Finally they called her name and we went back into the lab. I got kinda nervous at this point. Pumpkin has tiny little arms and there was a needle and some rubber hose and 4 containers for blood. I didn’t think I could watch them take her blood so had Heath sit in the chair with her and hold her arm. The nurse got her all prepped and Pumpkin could sense the nervousness but kept her cool. I didn’t watch the needle go in but watched Pumpkin and she was not happy about it but barely cried at all. The nurse did a great job and Pumpkin was awesome. I was surprised again. The nurse got all the blood she needed then pulled out and stuck a little cotton ball and taz band-aid on her arm.

Pumpkin was fine and I was too. We headed out and it was getting kinda late. I tossed a bunch of stuff in a crock pot then we went for a little run. It was getting cool so I bundled up Pumpkin with a blanket and Heath grabbed Berry.

We jogged about 2 and a quarter miles down to the trail always and back. When we got home we were all realy hungry but the food in the crock pot was not cooked enough. It was getting late and we were hungry but we have a lot to get done so Heath headed to some stores before they closed and I got Pumpkin fed.
She had chunks of peaches and some sweet potatoes and Cheerios , lima beans, great northern white beans and I gave her a whole tomato. She had helped me pick the tomato Sunday morning and taken a few bites out of it. I decided to let her take some more bites out of it. She tasted it a bit then just poked it.

My camera battery started getting pretty low by this point so the flash on the camera shut down.

While Pumpkin was eating I cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes. Once the dishes were done the sink was clear and ready got a baby.

Pumpkin played in the sink tub for quite a while and I got her good and clean.  After a while she would not stop trying to stand up so I got her out and in pajamas. I gave up on the crock pot cooking my dinner so dumped everything into a big pot and turned it way up. Pumpkin and I got her ready for bed and cleaned up around the house till Heath got home with stuff for our trip.

She fed Pumpkin and got her in bed while I set up our dinner by the couch. I made a soup with turkey, lots of beans and vegetables.

At this point we were hungry enough for anything but I still think it was really good. While eating we watched House. Then Heath tried on some new clothes and I took a shower. We messed around on the computer and getting some stuff packed then headed to bed.

This morning Berry and I got up early and went for a run. It started raining shortly after I started so we ran home and put my new phone in a plastic bag then went back out. Near the end of the run Berry ran off into woods and I heard some crazy noises. Usually it is best to keep running and Berry’s insticts to stay in front of me take over and he sprints after me but he did not come. I whistled and nothing, I ran back a little way and whistled and still nothing. Then I ran forward some more and I saw home behind me a ways. I kept jogging but he did not sprint after me. He was following but slower then normal. “Ohh no Berry got hurt” I thought so I headed back to see how bad it was. As I got closer I realized he was carrying something pretty big in his mouth and that was why he was slow. I yelled “drop it, come” and he did just that. When he got to me I said “Stay” and pointed to the ground. He did as I said and I went back to the pile. There was a racoon corpse in the middle of the path. It looked pretty dead but I didn’t want to be mistaken if it was faking. So Berry and I ran off. He seemed fine for the rest of the run. He felt pretty badass for killing something and I felt pretty good for running 5.85 miles.

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4 Responses to I got a new phone

  1. Courtney says:

    doesn’t like to kill stuff, he just likes to roll around in it after it’s been dead for a while!


    And the phone is pretty sweet from the two seconds I got to look at it last night.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    It’s kind of wierd with Berry. He has now killed a big and a little raccoon and had a pretty good fight with a beaver but if a chiwawa or some little dog barks at him he gets so scared. Once he was off leash and some tiny dog started running at him and barking and he ran all the way home and to his house.

  3. Brian says:

    Two words: Google Voice

  4. brotherjohn says:

    I will probably buy this phone as well. My iPhone is a POS…

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