A busy night

Right after work I cut up some chicken and tossed it in a pan w/ a packet of chili seasoning and some tomato. I changed and got the stroller and some other gear packed in the truck. Then I fed Pumpkin and continued cooking the chicken and started tossing beans and corn into a crock pot. Once the chicken was cooked I mixed everything into the crock pot and left it alone.

Heath came home and got changed then we headed to restore. We quickly made a loop of the store and picked out two long boards.

We hope to use these for the top self board of our mantle. We strapped them to the top of the truck and headed out. We went to Peanut’s soccer practice and watched him scrimmage.


After practice we went a few blocks over to Antioch park. First we let Pumpkin play on the playground and try out all the slides and stuff.

Then we did a little running around the park but it got dark and my knees were tired and Heath’s stomach was grumbling so we probably only ran a mile.

Then we went to JC Penny Outlet and picked up a shirt for Peanut to wear in my sisters wedding and I found some new running shoes.

Then we rushed home and we were all super hungry. We were met with some pretty tasty smells from our semi white chili.

In no time Heath and I had big bowls of baked potatoes, chili, cottage cheese and fritos.

Pumpkin had some cheese and sweet potatoes and peas and almost a whole banana.

I ate so much chili I felt like my stomach would burst so it was tough to move from the couch for a while. We played with Pumpkin in the family room till we were all pretty ready for bed.

This morning I was not planning to run since I had a big one the day before and want to get a big one in tomorrow but I was too excited about the new running shoes so had to get a test mile in.

All today’s pictures are from my new phone and they work but are not nearly as good as the camera so hopefully I’ll still carry the camera around too.

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3 Responses to A busy night

  1. The Mrs. says:

    was amazing! My husband is a wonderful cook!

  2. Ge-off says:

    the Evo camera is tough to get used to at first, especially with the flash.

  3. Courtney says:

    That’s a new one I will have to try!

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