I didn’t really take many pictures last night but I plan to have some tomorrow that will make sense of part of last night.  After work I was hungry. I trapped Pumpkin between baby jail and the kitchen and let her run around and climb into a paper bag and help me cook. We had a lot of curry leftovers so I just added a bit more curry to that and some milk and a can of black beans then warmed it up. I also cooked up a box of cuscus to put the curry on and cooked a pan of fresh spinach. Heath got home and we ate right away. It was possibly even better as leftovers and all 3 of us ate good dinners.

After dinner Heath got busy on a project for Peanut’s Halloween party at school. She is running a craft project for the kids today and there was quite a bit to get ready for them ahead of time. I gota get new stickers for my license plates so I tried to find the right paperwork, and keep Pumpkin out of the paperwork and get it figured out. Then Pumpkin and I went to HyVee for milk with no milk, egg, soy or nuts in it. We were not in a hurry or anything so I decided to let the old van take us and I moved the car seats around and made sure all the tires were aired up and Pumpkin made sure I was doing it all right. We went to the store and I got a carton of coconut milk and a carton of rice milk.

Then we headed home and the van did great the whole time and didn’t sound like it was going to die or anything. Heath was finishing up her project when we got home and I was getting hungry again. So Pumpkin and I made pancakes. She could not eat them because the pancake mix batter has egg and milk in it but she likes to play in the kitchen and dance when good songs come on the radio. I tried out some new pancakes by putting 1/2 a can of pumpkin into the mix then adding a little water.

I mixed it up and tasted it and it was a little weird so I diced up an apple and tossed it in and some cinnamon. Then it was really tasty. I fried up 5 big pancakes and Pumpkin helped me flip them and watch them cook. She was trying to get my pancakes so I decided to give her a little bite of the 1/2 can of leftover pumpkin. She loved it and wanted more and more and more.

I cleaned off my finger spoon and got a real baby spoon and set her up in the highchair. Then I tossed a couple pancakes in 2 bowls and then dropped a scoop of ice cream on each on each one and a tiny squirt of chocolate syrup.

We moved to the family room and all 3 of us ate our dessert and watched a few shows. We were all really loving our dessert so Heath got us each another pancake and bit of ice cream and I kept feeding Pumpkin spoon after spoon of pumpkin. I tried to switch to green beans but all she wanted was pumpkin. She finished off all 8 ounces left in the can and I showed her there was nothing left at all.

Then we got Pumpkin in bed and some dishes done and things ready for today then tried to find something good to watch and ended up just going to sleep. I have trouble staying up till 10 since I’ve been getting up early to run. I took it fairly slow and easy this morning and ran 3.4 miles.

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