So Windy

It was really windy last night and it was not all that cold but the wind made it feel cold. Pumpkin and I know just how windy it was. I got home from work and let the Nanny go and hurried to get Pumpkin in warm clothes and me in running clothes then I stuck her in the stroller and bundled her up.

Then we set out on our run to Leawood Park.

At first it was going pretty well. We wanted to hurry to get there because Heath and Peanut were coming home from school changing then heading up there themselves.

Pumpkin was cracking me up by turning around in the stroller and looking up at me through the little window.

She would smile at me and I would smile back and she would wave or stick her tongue out at me and I would need to stick mine out at her.

Eventually we got our of the neighborhood and onto the trail. I didn’t notice at first but as we ran the wind seemed to get stronger and stronger and it was blowing right into our faces. I was pretty warm from running and Pumpkin was pretty bundled up besides her hands so the cold was not a big deal but the stroller was like a giant sail slowing me down.

We ran and ran and the wind blew and it seemed like a huge run but it was just under 4 miles. Eventually we made it to the park. Peanut and Heath were not there yet so I parked the stroller and we hit of the bathroom. It was warm in there. I did my business then washed my hands and the water was hot and Pumpkin’s hands were cold so we both washed and dried our hands till they were warm. Then I let her loose on the playground.

She knew just what to do and immediately started running, climbing, sliding and laughing at me.

The playground was empty and this made it perfect for her. It was designed for bigger kids but she could easily get anywhere she needed to without the big kids running her over. When we saw Heath and Peanut pull up she lost interest to play wanted to nurse and warm up.

I was getting chili and hungry for the chili cooking at home so was ready to go to but Peanut didn’t want to get jipped out of his playtime so I hung out with him while Heath nursed Pumpkin. I discovered pretty quickly that I was standing in a pit of crocodiles and alligators.

Peanut barely got out alive after crossing a swinging pole bridge thing. We played a little while longer and then got out of there with my reminder of a Monopoly game that needed finished at home.

The chicken, white bean chili was cooking at home and I had started a few baked potatoes before leaving so dinner was about ready when we got there.

The beans were dried ones from a bag and probably a little undercooked but the chicken was awesome. We made due and added cheese and fritos. All 3 of us ate big full bowls. Then Peanut and I each took showers while the girls cleaned up.

Then it was time for Monopoly. We got started right were we left off and played for quite a while the game was really starting to get good. Stooks came over and watched the excitement and the little munchkin running around the table cheering us on.

Eventually it was Peanut’s bedtime and we decided to each roll one last time. I was the last to roll and landed on a spot Peanut owned with 4 houses on it. I’m probably doomed but we still recorded all our stuff and put the game away. Peanut went to bed and Pumpkin did too shortly after.

We hung out in the dining room with Stooks still listening to the Raffi radio station on Pandora and cracked a few beers and had a few more bowls of chili and then some ice cream. We hung out and talked till our bed time.

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