Restful Night

Yesterday morning my ancle didn’t feel too bad. I got ready for work and put on some big socks and some big hicking boots and laced them up tight. I had a bit of a limp but my ancle did good for most of the day. At the end of the day it was starting to get pretty sore so once home I found my place on the couch and started icing it. Heath was working a little late so Pumpkin and I played and I fed her and we started boiling some potatoes. We also worked on reading books and saying book. 

When Heath got home she made BBQ casserol. A layer of leftover pulled pork, a layer of leftover baked beans, a layer of corn, a layer of mashed potatoes and then cheese. We put cheese on 1/2 and left the other side Pumpkin safe. It was great

After dinner we watched Marley and Me for the first time. 1/2 way through we put Pumpkin to bed because she was not used to the time change and pretty fussy.

After the movie we got some leftover cake and some ice cream and watched House, then went to bed. I iced all night and this morning my ancle seemed less swolen and less sore. I put tennis shoes on this morning and a little brace.


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  1. DB says:

    Did you cry?  I know Heath didn’t because she hates dogs and lacks a heart.  But, how about you Chris?

    Also, while in California last year we were lounging at the Hotel pool and they apparently have a movie night there for the kids/guest and played that movie.  I found it to be an odd selection.


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