Lazy Time

 2010-11-09 19 25

Between my ankle being sore and the time change making me ready for bed at 7:00, I have not felt like doing anything. Last night started with me being stuck at work for an extra 2 hours I had not planned on. So when I left the building it was already dark out. Heath and Pumpkin picked me up from work since I was so late and took me over to Lews so we could get a few beers with Stephen and Stooks.

Heath and I have had a goal to not eat out in November and we decided going out for happy hour beers was cheating but it was a rough night and I had a $10 bill left over from the $100 shirt sale so we did it. The place was kinda dead so we found the guys easy enough and happy hour goes till 7 so draws were $1.75. Pumpkin sat on my lap for some father daughter bonding. She and Heath had spent some time at Loose Park on the playground waiting for me to finish working so she was really good and not a monkey at all.

We drank our beers and ate the left over chicken strips from Matt and Stephen then we all headed home. Once home I started icing my ankle and Pumpkin nursed while we watched a bit of TV. Then we all decided we needed real food so made a spinach bean tomato dip on rice crackers for Heath and I and some peas and potatoes and stuff for Pumpkin. We ate and watched some more tv then got Pumpkin in bed. Heath and I straitened a bit and watched some more tv then went to bed early.

This morning I got up early to get the trash out and dinner started and then come in to work early to get after last nights problem again.


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