These Squirels are Ready for a Winter of FREE Heat

Are you ready for a bunch of blurry, grainy pictures of wood? If so Read on

I got stuck working kinda late again but luckily it was still light out when I left work this time. I headed home changed, and started working on turning my lawn equipment shed into a firewood shed.  I had lots of junk in there all spread out everywhere. My first job was to organize and make a pile of stuff on the shelf side and clear out the other side.

This went better then expected. All my stuff fit pretty well on or under the shelf and I still have room for a few more things.

and I have a huge dry area for firewood.

I am really excited to have my wood in a shed this year because it should stay nice and dry all winter long. In years past my wood gets covered in snow/ice and rain and if it is still wet when I need to add wood to the fire I burn inefficient wet wood. This year it should be nice dry wood all the time. I am pretty sure my firewood is full of termites though so the next step was to get out the chemicals and coat the inside of the shed.

This stuff mentioned for use around firewood and says it will keep them away for 9 months. Once the shed was covered in this stuff I started the fun part. I drove the truck down to my lest seasoned wood and loaded a huge pile of wood in the bed.

Then I drove it up to the shed and moved wood from the truck to the shed. I did this over and over packing the least seasoned stuff into the back of the shed and the most seasoned up front. Pretty soon almost the whole wall of the shed was a layer of stacked wood.

Then I got the wall packed with wood really good and started row 2, bringing load after load of wood and moving it into the shed.

I’m not sure how many loads I brought but I took a break to eat dinner with the girls. Heath had been productive too and taken a huge load of glass to be recycled and then taken a bunch of bags of old clothes to be donated and purchased a nice pile of warm clothes for Pumpkin.

I warmed up more BBQ leftovers and we made wraps with beef, tomatoes and cheese and had some broccoli on the side. Pumpkin ate a bunch of squash and mashed potatoes and blueberries.

After dinner the girls went to Wal-Mart and I kept stacking. They got home and I finished up for the night at 9pm. I think at that point I had 1 full row and my second row was pretty full.

Once done Heath and I unpacked the stuff, she got Pumpkin in bed and put away Halloween decorations and I took a good shower and we got ready for bed. This morning I got up early and hopped in the truck and got back after the wood.

Before the sun was up I had all the wood piles from the backyard empty.

I got a load from up front and finished up the 2nd row and have a good start on the 3rd row.

I am excited for this years winter as my wood seems really dry and I noticed a lot of really good locust and a decent amount of oak. The wall of wood makes the shop feel pretty fun.

I mentioned earlier that this is our Winter of Free Heat. With all the new windows and added sealant around the house it should be a lot easier to heat the house and we usually get most of our heat from the wood stove but this year we will not have any gas or electric bills as we qualified and started receiving our credits for the improvements we made.

It is a lot of work to plan for a free heat winter but will be pretty exciting when the temperature starts dropping.

Totally unrelated here is a video I finished of Peanut’s soccer season. My favorite part is the very begging and the soundtrack.


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  1. TCB says:

    Chris, Great editing job!! Begining is the best and perfect timing as Peanut kicking off ball.

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