Pumpkin loves my beard so much that she made her own

Heath and I had plans to get a lot done last night. The first goal was to get rest of the wood into the shed before it got wet. Before I left work I got a voice mail from Heath saying “IT’S RAINING!, Hurry and come home”. I went home and it was lightly raining. I checked on the wood and it was already a little wet. I decided we would be better off waiting for the wood to dry outside in the sun and wind then putting it in a cool dark shed where it would take a long time to dry and may start to rot.

So the first thing on the todo list was postponed. All week long I have done the minimum amount of cooking because we had a lot of reception BBQ leftovers and because my ankle was not in great shape and I wanted to not stand in the kitchen for a long time. Last night I was ready to cook, my ankle was feeling good and I wanted to get rid of all the BBQ but not eat it again. So I started cooking 2 dinners, one for last night and one for tonight.

Last night’s dinner was a failed experiment. Not a terrible fail, I still ate 2 big bowls and it was healthy but it was not that tasty.

I already had a dish full of spaghetti squash. I fried up a pan of sausage mushrooms and onions and while it was cooking cut up a bunch of our tomatoes. Our window sill is full of tomatoes and more seem to turn red/orange every day so besides getting rid of the BBQ we wanted to get rid of tomatoes. Then I opened some spinach and cream cheese and Heath mixed it all together. Then Heath topped it with a bunch of shredded cheese and we stuck it in the toaster oven.

While it was cooking we dumped all the bbq brisket and bbq pulled pork into our biggest crock pot. We dumped the last of our baked beans in and a couple packets of chili seasoning. Then I cut up tomato after tomato and added it.

Eventually we decided it had enough tomatoes and put in a bunch of beans and mixed them up good. It looked and smelled really good. I almost decided to have chili for dinner instead.

While we were cooking Pumpkin was eating and eating and eating.

She had wheat noodles, squash, spinach, green beans, bbq beans, pulled pork, and strawberries. Most things went in her mouth but a good portion went on her face, arms and the floor.

About the time Pumpkin was done eating our dinner was ready and we took it out of the oven and scooped our selves out some.

We let Pumpkin play and we watched some TV while we ate. I think the spinach and tomatoes stole the show from all the tasty ingredients and gave it a slightly bitter but plain flavor. We both added some garlic hot sauce and that made it pretty good and as I said I had a second bowl.

This is the point where the night turned from being productive. It was really early but all 3 of us were tired and did not get going after we ate. Eventually we did clear the dishes and Pumpkin played while I loaded the dishwasher and once the sink was clear I stuck the baby in it.

She was really ready for a bath and we got her all clean. After her bath I got her changed and then we all got stuck to the couch again and Pumpkin nursed and nursed because she was sleepy. My ankle was a little sore so I iced it and Heath’s sweet tooth flared up so we had wedding cake and ice cream.

Then we all went to bed early but we also got up early and found our motivation. Pumpkin scarfed some banana and crackers while dancing to the radio and we got laundry going, unloaded the dishes and reloaded, swept and moped and vacuumed and got the kitchen and even baby jail all clean. We made the bed and straitened up the storage area in the basement. So in no time we went from feeling like we had not done anything to getting a lot done.

Tonight we take our bbq chili to Paola to watch Heath’s brothers high school playoff football game.  Tomorrow we are likely to cancel our tailgate plan since Heath and Peanut have a birthday party in the middle of it and Heath is throwing a baby shower Sunday. However I do want to cook bacon burger dogs or something fun at the house. Maybe a bonfire or something outside if it is nice. So if you were on the fence about the tailgate look me up for something tomorrow afternoon.

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