Happy Birthday Pops


When I walked in the door Pumpkin started laughing and shrieking and ran to me for a hug/pick her up. Heath was cleaning stuff in the kitchen and dining room and Peanut was already down the street playing with some neighbor kids. I was in a hurry to make use of the little daylight there was. I got changed, kicked the truck into 4wd and loaded it up with a load of food from along the fence. Then I drove over and unloaded it in the shed.

(I didn’t take any pictures till it was really dark out for some reason but I’ll spread them around)

After my first load I went inside and everyone seemed to be doing good so I got another load and moved it into the shed.

After this load I went in to start on dinner. Heath’s stomach must have been thinking the same thing as mine because she was starting to get things started. We didn’t really have a plan Heath had a pan of edamame going and another with corn, peas and lima beans. I’m pretty sure she just emptied all the partial bags of frozen vegetables into pans. We had a pound of ground turkey thawed and for some reason I was craving a nice thick simple turkey burger. Peanut wanted a sloppy joe so I broke off a little meat for him then made 2 giant patties. I found a can of sweet potatoes and warmed them up too. Shortly later we were ready for dinner. Peanut had his sloppy joe.

And Heath and I had our turkey burgers.

We topped them with fresh tomatoes and grilled onions. While the burgers were cooking I topped them with cilantro then melted shredded cheese on top of that to hold it down. They were really good and I was sad I had not made myself 2.

It seemed to take a lot of time and pleading to get Peanut to finish his dinner but eventually he did and we had some leftover baby shower cake. Then I got a shower started for him and I cleaned the yuks off of Pumpkin’s rear end and put her in pajamas and headed back outside for another load.

I got the truck loaded and then unloaded and went inside to check on everybody. Pumpkin was fast asleep in bed and Peanut was all clean and in pajamas and Heath was getting her pajamas on and getting ready to read with Peanut. I headed back outside and got another load or two.

Then I headed inside and called it a night. Heath had been busy in the kitchen getting rid of old food and organizing the cabinets. We decided to have a beer, ice my ankle, relax on the couch and watch a bit of tv. We got that taken care of then went to bed.

In the morning I got up early and got 2 more truck loads of wood. I was really close to getting all of the seasoned split wood ready but ran out of time. I did get my 4th row done.

I’m not going to have enough wood for a 5th row but will start out with just a little pile there. I think it is going to get pretty cold tonight and we will fire up the stove for the first time. We have had a space heater going in Pumpkin’s room some nights but otherwise our house has just stayed pretty warm on it’s own. This morning it was between 62-65 when I got up.

Once Peanut was ready for school and headed out the door I grabbed the good camera and snapped that picture above and this one.

Tonight I hope to get the last of the wood in the shed before it starts to rain and then start a fire. I also want to measure the wood stack and figure out the volume of wood I have in there and how many cords it is equivalent to.

Also tonight I am going to order T-shirts for the run so if you are going you need to let me know and if you have not told me what size shirt please do. We can order rushed shirts after today but they would cost more.



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