Lazy Blog Day

First some pictures from the past few days I’ve been sick and not posting.

I’m mostly better now though still running nose and coughing. Last night we discovered Pumpkin had caught what I had and she gave us a rough night. It is much worse when she can’t breath through her nose then when I can’t.

Prior to Pumpkin beign sick we headed to Kelly and Chris’s house to eat some duck stuffed with cream cheese and jalapenos and a bunch of other tasty things. We also tried out their xbox kinect. Here is Peanut learing to dance. Sorry it’s sideways and blurry.

and here is one of Heath thats just as bad.

the kinect deal was a lot of fun and work.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and maybe things will be back to normal at our house on Friday.

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  1. Pops says:

    Have a good time and lots of good food for Thanksgiving.  Be careful on your travels.


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