Happy Thanksgiving

I had visions of a good blog post this morning to get me back on track from holiday and sickness. I got really busy and it didn’t happen. I am really behind on whats going on so I’ll just talk about what I have pictures for.

Wednesday night KK and Chiaki came over. We got packed up and in the morning drove to my uncles house for Thanksgiving. Peanut drove…
… the last little stretch down the gravel road to the house. We slowly formed a group of 26+/- people and a ton of food and drink. We spend the morning getting things ready and talking then had the meal.

After dinner we broke out the guns,

the clay pigeon thrower,

and a few beers.

Then got to shooting.

We went through several boxes of shells and everyone that wanted to shoot got to.

We even broke out the bb gun for Peanut.

Once we all had our fill of shooting we put the guns away and picked up all the trash. We did some more visiting with the fam then headed home.

Thursday night / Friday morning Heath, Chiaki, Rafael and Heath’s sisters did some black friday shopping, then some sleeping in then I cooked a feast. Pumpkin was pretty sick with my cold so we took her to the doctor. Later on KK and I hung Christmas lights on our house.

Saturday all Heath’s family joined us and we had a pool tournament. We formed 6 random teams of 2.

Durring the pool tournament we ate some rotel and humus and played Mario Cart.

After pool we fired up the grill and loaded it with pork chops.

and got all sorts of food cooking and ready.

Once dinner was ready everyone came upstairs and we did a countdown as the Christmas lights came on.

Then we squeezed all 13 of us around 1 long table in our dining room and got down to business.

Sunday Heath and Peanut worked on decorating the inside of the house for Christmas.

At some point over the weekend we started working on a new fireplace mantle.

I had the first 3 boards cut and stained already so we drilled them, and the brick behind them and put in some beefy screws.

Yesterday we added some bigger holes.

Then put big bolts into them,

pounded them into place and then the mantle was on really good.

There will be a shelf that attaches to the top of this board then a piece of trim below it. We have parts of the shelf boards cut and stained and hope to get this done soon so we can hang stockings soon.




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