Benvenuti al Ristorante Pappino e Isabella


Heath found me a wood pile and right after I got home from work I grabbed work gloves and drove the truck over to 89th and Lee Blvd. There was a several large trucks along the street with wood in them, a guy loading a truck, a crew taking down a fresh large American Elm tree, and a big pile of rounds. There was not really a good close place to park so I had to carry my rounds across the street but it was not bad. I filled the truck till it was in danger of spilling giant chunks of wood on the way home or breaking something from the weight. I called Jon and he was not far so brought his truck up and we loaded it as well.

Then I headed home with a satisfying load of wood. Peanut and Heath seemed a bit grumpy as I started to cook dinner. So we came up with the idea that they would have a special dinner. Peanut heads to his dads tonight so it was our last night with him for a while. We came up with the idea that Pumpkin and I would serve Heath and Peanut a nice candlelight dinner.

Peanut loved this. He got to eat with some fire on the table in the dining room. He got to use a fancy glass and probably his favorite part was treating me and Pumpkin like Italian waiters and calling me Pappino. Dinner was a fairly boring spaghetti that I spruced up by getting rid of some leftovers. I added a bunch of the rotel with sausage in it to the tomato sauce and to Heath and mine I added some vegetables and a bunch of humus that had a lot of garlic in it. It turned out really tasty.

So in no time Peanut and Heath went from a little Grumpy to full and happy.

I bussed the table when they were done and they headed out for ice cream and a little shopping. Pumpkin was still eating/playing with noodles so I got all the dishes done and the sink cleared out for her. When she was done eating I put her in the sink bath. 

She played really good and gave me time to get the kitchen swept and the counters cleaned and some food prepared for her today. Eventually the excitement of splashing water onto the kitchen floor got the best of her and bath time was over.

We got on pajamas and built up the fire and straitened the house till Heath and Peanut got home. They played with some Star Wars deals a bit then read and went to bed while I played with Pumpkin a little in baby jail and read a book on my phone.

Eventually Peanut went to bed and Jon came over.  We grabbed a couple beers and a tape measure and made our way between the basement, the main floor, the attic and back. We started the planning of removing the kitchen wall and supporting the roof.

We came up with several plans and options and decided on the best one. Then we had another beer and worked out some of the details. Then it was bed time so we reported our plans to Heath then Jon went home and we got ready for bed.

The last 2 mornings I have gone on tiny runs and my ankle has survived so it looks like I should be in okay shape for the triathlon this Saturday.

And just because I didn’t get to it yesterday, here is Allie trying to play with Pumpkin’s barn and Pumpkin making it clear that this is her toy.


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