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Heath worked from home yesterday so she could be there when KCPL came to replace our thermostat.

We had a lot of problems with their special thermostat last summer and switched to an old school analogue one for a few months with no problems and now they have a brand new touch scren one for us.

Since we heat with wood we won’t really get to test it out until summer. However I do like that you can set the fan to cycle regularly and draw some warm air from the basement and spread it around.

When I got home from work we loaded up Pumpkin, a quarter and some work gloves in the truck and went out on errands. First we headed to a babysitters house just across Wornal from us. Our Nanny may be leaving soon so we are looking for a new Pumpkin plan. We toured the house and let Pumpkin run amok in the play area and meet a little boy. It all seemed pretty good.

Then we chased down a craigslist wood add. We found the house but the cut seasoned wood on the curb was no where to be found. We were a few blocks from an Aldi so headed in for some groceries. It was a big load as we needed a lot of regular things and some chili supplies.

Then we took the truck cab load of groceries home and unloaded it, put everything away and started on dinner.

While I was bringing in groceries the UPS man pulled up and I knew he was coming to our house. He said “Prewitt”, I said “Yes” and he handed me the box w/ 20 bright orange shirts in it.

I finished unloading and it was time to get rid of the last bits of all the old food so we made a curry mix with potatoes shrimp and lots of vegetables.

Once it was all cooked up we served it over rice.

We started the movie Smoking Aces while we ate.

Pumpkin ate some and watched some too but was in a hurry to finish dinner and get down to play.

We kinda planned to work on the mantle after the movie but I was tired and we got the baby in bed and the fire ready for the night and leftovers away and just headed to bed.



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  1. brotherjohn says:

    we are going to buy one of the digital ones as well. I will install myself…wish me luck!

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