Stretch out Your Drinking Hand

Tomorrow the “race” begins
Unfortunately it does not look like we will get to run in any snow or ice.
(if I make old triathlon pictures black and white it looks like maybe they are orange, right?)

It’s okay we are still going to do plenty of drinking and running and it may get a little cold out. For everyone asking about a plan here goes.

Be at our house at 2:30ish
Bring $15 for a shirt if you ordered one.
If you didn’t order one come anyway, we may end up with extra or just pretend.
Bring some money for drinks at the bars or a plan to trade drinks for spirited dances.
It may be a good idea to bring a pillow and a blanket. We have some but maybe not 20 extra.
We will attempt to put everyone in the conversion van and drive it to Charlie Hoopers or The Brooksider.
Once there we will ditch the van and start hitting bars and streets.
I don’t have a plan for what bars or how many drinks or what time we will leave each one.
We will work our way south until we get back to our house.
Once there we should find a bunch of chili, hot dogs and more to eat.
I don’t recommend anyone driving after the rigors of this race, so Heath and I will provide:
5 couches
1 full size bed
2 futon mattresses
1 bunk bed
1 full size air mattress
15 comfortable places to sleep

I think that is it but if you have any questions just ask. It’s going to be a lot of fun as always.
And if anyone causes trouble Heath will get you and you don’t want that.

Last night after work I picked up Pumpkin and some coolers then drove to Independence. I picked up my buddy Jake and we headed to Blue Springs. We kinda ended up in the middle of nowhere but eventually pulled up to a little old building and headed in. We came out a little poorer but with 2 coolers pretty full of deer burger and deer steak.

Then Pumpkin and I took Jake home and headed home ourselves. We spent the first part of last night driving around in rush hour and it was crowded but we moved along pretty good. We got home like 5 minutes before Heath got back from helping at Peanut’s school and got started on dinner.

I had chicken thawing and cut up a bunch of sweet potatoes and got them cooking. Then I took a little break and moved all the new meat from the coolers to the deep freeze.

Then I cut both the chicken breasts in half and grilled them then I put them back together but put bacon and pepper-jack cheese in and on them first.

I grilled them a little more and mixed a bit of corn with leftover rotel and then we dished up our plates and put together our sandwiches adding mayo siracha lettuce and onions.

I had been passing Pumpkin raisins and cheerios while we drove but she was hungry for some read dinner too. It was good but not enough for me so I had an additional burger. After dinner we played with Pumpkin until she had so much fun she started to stink. So we cleaned her up and gave her a sink bath and got her ready for bed. She went right to sleep and Heath and I got after the mantle project.

We had some challenging cuts to make to get our shelf boards just right and worked on them first and spent a lot of time making sure everything would fit well.

Then we decided to take apart the wall next to the fireplace and get to the outlet in it and run electricity from it to the inside of the beam.

We ran our wire but did not connect it to anything. Then we put the wall partially back together and started attaching our shelf boards.

We drilled a few little holes, then put a screw into them and attached them to the secure 2×4.

and we looked good doing it.

Eventually we got all the shelf boards attached and it was past bedtime so we picked up our tools and materials for the night.

We still need to fill in some areas with wood putty and add some decorative boards and then secure the shelves a little more but we now have a mantle.

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3 Responses to Stretch out Your Drinking Hand

  1. The Mrs. says:

    I did hit those clay pigeons.

    Party on Wayne!

    Bring your A game.

  2. The Mrs. says:

    we have tons of floor space too.  For those of you crashing at our place tomorrow evening.

  3. thePrewitt says:

    I’m thinking of sleeping in Sunday morning, then cooking piles of breakfast and then sitting on couch and quietly cheering for chiefs. You should join in.

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