The Awesome 6th Triathlon

Everything was great and went pretty much as we planned. Saturday afternoon people started showing up at our house, buying their shirts and getting ready. Then we all piled into the van, got it started and drove to Hooper’s. I parked in one of the farthest spots in the parking lot and we all jogged over to the bar.

We got a drink then ran a few blocks over to Brooksider. As we filed in everyone in the place looked over at the orange invasion. I saw a few cell phone pictures being taken of us or the shirts. We got our drinks and moved out back to the chili porch. Every year we quickly relearn the lesson that no matter how cold it is outside you get hot and sweaty when you jog outside then go into a warm bar and sit down. So bars with an outside porch are nice.

And Jon got a little heater going for those that were a little cold.

At Brooksider our group splintered a bit. Some people had 1 drink and headed on and some had 2 drinks. A few people headed to Burger King for some race fuel. Eventually we all hit the trail and ran one of the longest legs to the Well.

This was really the only part of the triathlon that was a tough run. We had a few drinks in us and it was challenging to jog.  Soon enough the group all met up on the roof.

From the Well we were really close to a lot of bars so moved on fairly quick. We headed to Hannibal’s Waldo bar but on the way part of the group needed a break at Bobby Bakers.

Then we made it 2 doors down to Hannibal’s and the group was all back together.

Then we left Hannibal’s

and went to Lew’s.

and ordered more drinks.

We left Lew’s and continued down Wornal to Tommy’s.

We had worked up an apatite by this point and were lucky enough to get some donuts.

Drinks are really cheep here so we stayed for a while.

Then headed up to Patrick’s

Then ran a few more blocks

and got to Swagger

We were running pretty low at this point and needed a boost from chili cheese fries.

Some of the group left from here to go home and some us went to Flo’s for another drink before heading home.

We all made it and no one got lost or anything. Once home we tore into some chili and a little karaoke and then everyone found a place to crash for the night.

In the morning we all regathered by the tv and I fried up a pan of potatoes and a bunch of eggs then we filled bowls with them plus more chili and chili toppings.

Some of us were feeling pretty good and even spiked some coffee or had a beer during the Chiefs game.

Others stayed in bed or carefully snacked on crackers and water.

We watched the game and hung out most of the day. Eventually we cleaned up and relaxed and played with Pumpkin then went to bed.

Pumpkin had a great time having a slumber party at my mom’s house during the run.

That is it for run stories but here is a link to all the pictures and below are some happy shots.

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