Cracker Please

Yes we left the treats on the table, No we did not help her get up there.

After work Heath was planning to head to a cousin’s swim meet with Pumpkin and I was planning to split wood and run and get dinner going while they were gone. She had to run an errand first and when she was done the meet was over. While Heath was gone Pumpkin and I played in baby jail and read some books and got some chicken and rice cooking.

When Heath got back I headed out to spit wood and she cleaned the kitchen. I split till I was thirsty and it was pretty dark. When I was packing up to head inside Heath and Pumpkin were bundled up and going for a walk across the street. I cut up of veggies and stuff and got a pan of chicken, broccoli, carrots, onion, cabbage and pineapple cooking.
I usually thicken a sauce for a dinner like this with milk but used chicken broth and corn starch so Pumpkin could eat it and I let it cook extra long so that everything was soft and I didn’t spice it up (no bam). Heath and I slopped some of this stuff on piles of rice and Pumpkin just had a mess of this and rice and extra pineapple and random things all smeared together.

We ate and watched some TV and Heath hopped on the gazelle a bit. Pretty shortly after dinner I got hungry for cereal and poured a bowl of Aldi’s version of Captain Crunch. Then we cleaned up the house and played with Pumpkin and cleaned up a bad mess in her pants and gave her a sink bath and got her ready for bed. She drank a little milk and then went to bed. Heath mopped the kitchen and I headed downstairs to clean up a bit of triathlon leftovers, work on a leaky toilet and get wood loaded for the fire.

The toilet was beyond repair without some new materials and it was still early so I decided to get a run in. I listened to a This American Life podcast on my phone while it tracked my speed and distance and went a little over 3 miles pretty much strait west and back. While I was running and then showering and getting ready for bed Heath was working on sewing a Christmas stocking for Pumpkin.  IMG_4203


Eventually we were done for the night and went to bed.

I think Jon and I are going to work on the van a bit tonight and at least figure out what to do.

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