Forced Friends

I’m about ready for nap time this morning. Pumpkin got us up too early this morning.

Friday morning her Nanny showed up and got sick. Heath sent her home and worked from home in the morning. I took off at noon so Heath could go to work. Pumpkin and I finished up her lunch then hopped in my truck and went to an automotive repair shop w/ the piece from the van with the broken bolt.

They told me they could not get the bolt out but recommended a shop down the road. I went there and they could not get it out either but recommended a shop 15 minutes away. I took Pumpkin to the park and while she was running around I talked to Heath and then called this other shop. They were pretty sure they could get the bolt out but not sure if they could do it that day or not till they saw it. Pumpkin and I rushed over and they took a look and said they were sure they could remove it but not until their welder was working on Tuesday morning.

I was a little worried about the van getting towed away before then so I told them I would keep looking and bring it back Tuesday morning if I didn’t get it out. On the way back Pumpkin and I stopped by my office and picked up a xmas package and worked on a quick work problem. We stopped by a shop up the street that I have had good luck with and they said they could not fix it but recommended an auto shop with a machine shop in it. I called up the recommended place and they said the machine shop closed.

I was about out of ideas. Pumpkin and I went to Aldi and got a truck cab load of groceries.

On the way home from the grocery I was planning to take Pumpkin to another park so she could do more playing then the 5 min she got in earlier. On the way to the park we ran into Amanda, Alli and Stooks. They were headed to the same park on a walk. I rushed home and put the milk and refrigerated items away, grabbed some food for Pumpkin and went to the park.

First we let the girls swing for a while.

Then Pumpkin had a snack.

Then they climbed around on the playground.

Then they went down the slide.

And we headed home. We were actually at the park for a long time. We headed home and Heath and Peanut got there at the same time. We got Pumpkin down for a nap and put groceries away. Then Heath ran to Walmart. Stooks came over and when Heath got back we met up with Stephen and Becky at Chelly’s for Mexican dinner and margaritas.

It was a long dinner and once done we got the kids in bed and Stooks and I headed over for Jon to work on the bolt. Jon had a simple plan and it worked perfectly. I put on big leather gloves and held a new bolt on the end of the old bolt. Then Jon welded a new bolt to the end of the old bolt. Then we just twisted them out together and the old broken bolt was out. For some reason this is the only picture I have. Next to a candidate for the replacement bolt. Off to the right of the picture you can see a goopy spot where the old bolt was welded. The break is hard to see but it is just past the shoulder (smooth part).

Once we had the bolt out we put away Jon’s stuff and drove over to the van. I was worried about the van being towed so we moved the van out of the Charlie Hoopers parking lot to a spot on the street. This went really well and I was assured by a security guard that it would not get towed there.

Stooks, Jon and I had a beer in Jon’s driveway then we went home. Stooks had a beer on the couch with Heath and I then he went home and we went to bed. Saturday morning we cleaned and organized and cooked. Saturday afternoon Heath went to something and the kids and I cleaned and cooked and Pumpkin took a nap. Saturday night some friends came over and we ate a big meal and the kids played in baby jail and everyone had a great time and I took no pictures. Eventually the kids went to bed and we headed downstairs to mess around till late.

Sunday morning Heath and Peanut got up and headed to church with some of Heath’s family. I had a big brunch planned for 8 people to get ready in an hour. Just as I was getting started Pumpkin woke up. So I got her dressed and ready for the day then set her down for a pre brunch snack.

She was in a great mood and watched me frantically cooking and giggled at me. I looked over a few minutes later and she had kicked her feet up to relax.

I cooked sausage patties, country style sweet and regular potatoes, grilled pork chops and cinnamon rolls. Everyone got done with church and came home and we ate and everything was awesome. Then we sat around the tv and looked at sideshows of pictures.

Then I headed next door and Stephen and Becky took me to watch the Chiefs game at Brian and Courtney’s. While I was gone Heath and the kids went over to some family card game. Then we all came home and stuck the kids in bed and shortly after we joined them.


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