Trying to Get Out of Jail Early on Good Behavior

I rushed home from work at the end of the day. We had a Craiglist Post to meet up on When I got home Heath was getting Peanut’s clothes for him to change into and Pumpkin was sleeping. I quickly changed into nicer jeans, nicer shoes and a nicer sweater then I already had on. Then I headed into Pumpkin’s room and it looked like she was waking up. I got her diaper and clothes changed. I put Pumpkin in some nice jeans, and a new sweater. While she was getting ready the doorbell rang and Heath let the photographer in and he started setting up his tripod and stuff. Peanut came out dressed in his nice jeans, sweater and cowboy boots.

The photographer and I moved around some couches and the xmas tree and even a giant present and in no time we had a very cool Christmas scene to shoot pictures at. Then Heath came out in her nice jeans, nice shoes and a new sweater. She brought nice new shoes for Pumpkin too.

Then we got into some poses and shot pictures and rearranged and shot pictures over and over. Pumpkin fresh from a nap was ready to snuggle up on Heath’s lap or eat a snack but not really ready to smile and look at the camera. The guy probably shot almost 50 pictures and he was good at shaking a rattle and calling out before the pictures so I think we will get some with Pumpkin looking. I’d guess we have a 5% chance she will be smiling in any. Just like a real photo studio we moved the scene around a little bit and brought in a stool and tried some different things. We took a little break in the middle for Heath to feed Pumpkin and us to re setup but Pumpkin was not much better after.

Eventually we decided the kids were done and Heath and I took a few pictures with out the kids then we gave the guy $20 and he packed up and left. We should be able to download the full resolution of the pictures later on today from his website so be prepared to see these pictures tomorrow. Then we all ditched our sweaters and put the house back together and started cooking some strips of chicken and pork. Then we added onion and green pepper Eventually I put in a few tomatoes and mushrooms and seasoned it up.

Heath was helping with dinner at first then changed into running gear, grabbed the ipod I freshly loaded with podcasts and hit the streets. Pumpkin snacked for a bit then then got down and played in jail with Peanut. I got dinner all ready and the table all set then washed all the dishes we were done with. When Heath got home we all sat down and ate fajitas.

It was pretty tasty and everyone ate good. After dinner Heath did the dishes and I got trash and recycles out and aired up Heath’s tires and brought in a bunch of firewood. Then Heath put the kids in the tub and I ran to Home Depot for some toilet fixing materials. I got home and Peanut was going to bed. I got changed and went for a run once he was in bed. I ran 3.65 miles with Berry and listened to Conway Twitty. When I got home Heath had just got Pumpkin asleep and was getting ready to sew on the stocking. I got some steaks set out for tonights dinner then headed downstairs to work on the toilet.

There were 3 parts to replace. 2 of them had gotten really rusty and leaky and the 3rd I broke by manhandling it while getting ready to fix. I got 2 of the parts replaced and decided to save the 3rd as I would need to cut off the water supply to fix it and it was getting late. I headed upstairs and had Heath check to see if our pictures were up then I showered and got ready for bed. Heath was still sewing but I laid down and fell asleep right away.

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