Santa Tries Again

Pumpkin is still not very jolly.
No more excuses I have all the pictures and we have celebrated Christmas with 6 groups so far so here are the stories. I’ll go quick and rely on the pictures to tell most of the story.


I cooked up a lasagna and Heath’s mom, grandma, sister and brother came over. We talked a bit and got dinner started then opened presents.

Then we ate dinner

Then we made orange julias drinks and built a gingerbread house.

Then everyone left and went to bed.

In the morning I got up early and went to pick and pull and did not find this middle bolt.

I have however found this bolt online since and hope to order a new one today. When I got back from pick and pull we did some cooking and some cleaning and some getting dressed then we left both our present and our food at home and went to…


This was a family party at my dad’s sister’s house and that part of the family. My favorite part was watching Pumpkin play with her little cousin John Paul who is 6 months younger and 2 lbs heavier. Pumpkin was not great at shareing toys with him but she loved to share her crackers.

We had an awesome meal even though our pasta salad was not there.

The babies were real excited to play with mini lanterns and Pumpkin got a little pop up tent to climb around in.

My Grandma got a new recliner and the rest of us did a gift card exchange thing.

Pumpkin was ready for a nap and everyone had stuff going on so we headed out and took her home for a nap. The rest of us took a break on the couch for an hour or so then we headed to…


My work Christmas party was at Bo Lings on the Plaza. I didn’t take any pictures but we all got a few drinks and huge piles of tasty food. Pumpkin was crazy for the first 1/2 then calmed down and was pretty good. Peanut had a good time talking to my coworkers and everyone ate well. We headed out to get the kids in bed.

Once they were out Heath and I watched Extract then went to bed.

(a pretty good movie)

In the morning I went for a jog then had the van recovery mission from yesterday then we all quickly got ready and packed the van for…


We got together with a large group of Heath’s aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, grandma and mom. We talked a bit then ate a huge meal. Luckily they were out of spots at the table so I got to eat on the couch and watch the Chiefs make a comeback. Pumpkin was pretty fussy before Santa showed up and just wanted to nurse so I took her outside to swing with her cousins a bit.

(At this point our camera was missing so we were using an old one.)

While we were outside we got the message we needed to head inside and go downstairs because a visitor was on his way.

Shortly later Santa came and many of the kids went crazy.

Each kid got a present then ran off to play and Santa went to get back to work making toys or feeding reindeer or something.

Pumpkin was still a crab and we wanted to get another Christmas in so we packed up our stuff and headed home. We got there looked for the camera some more, rearranged the family room then had…


Our favorite Christmas is just the 4 of us. We sat around the tree, played Christmas music, relaxed and Peanut passed out one gift at a time and we all watched or helped. Peanut got loaded up with more Star Wars gear and was super excited.

I got a beer brewing kit and was also super excited.

Once all the presents were open we played with them and made a big mess of paper and boxes and stuff. Then we ate some dinner and the kids headed to bed. Heath and I cleaned up and put the family room back together and looked for the camera. Then went to bed.

Durring school/work yesterday Peanut had his class party. Heath went and there was some sort of craft.


And snacks.


After work yesterday we got ready for…


Kentaro and Chiaki are headed to Japan right now for the holidays. They came over last night, we made a big chicken pot pie and had leftover pasta salad and queso dip. Moments before they arrived we found the good camera had fallen off the end table and gone under the edge of the couch. While dinner was cooking we listened to Christmas music, had some wine, and opened presents.

After presents we ate dinner and then played with new toys till Peanut and Pumpkin had to go to bed. Then we had a little more wine and went to bed ourselves.

This morning I took KK and Chiaki to the airport then came to work. Heath took Peanut to his dad’s and we are done with xmas parties for a few days.



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