Shortly after I got home we loaded up the van and all headed to Aldi. We were totally out of fruit, milk, lunch meat and needed lots of other things. We loaded up the cart and Pumpkin snacked on crackers and Peanut picked out cereal and helped get stuff for us.

Once home Peanut helped unload the van and get the trash and recycles out for pickup then I got busy on dinner. Peanut pealed potatoes and I cut them up and got them cooking in a pan w/ a bit of chicken broth. I added carrots then let it simmer and Pumpkin and I built up the fire downstairs. Then I cut up and added lots more stuff to the pot. Heath cooked up some rice and shortly later we had a big pan full of curry, vegetables and shrimp.

Heath and Peanut made a bit of jello then we ate. Everyone ate a bunch.

After dinner we grabbed a new wii game and headed downstairs to try it out.

I think it was called Wii Party 2. It had a lot of fun games like you would find at the arcade like ski-ball or like you would find at a frat party like beer empty cup pong. While we played Pumpkin talked on the pretend phone or played wii w/ a disconnected controller.

At bedtime we played 1 more game then sent Peanut to get on pajamas. I played another game while Heath unpacked our new popcorn machine.

Then it started smelling like terrible rotten fruit. I took Pumpkin upstairs and started to change her. As I got her onsie off I discovered the disaster making all the stink. It was a huge squirmy mess so I got Heath for backup and we immediately moved the baby to the tub.

I got Pumpkin and my shirt cleaned up pretty quick then let her play in the water for a while.

Once the baby was all clean we put on her pajamas and got ready for bed.

My dehydrated fruit deal took a while but went pretty well. The kids and I scarfed up a bunch of the fruit leather stuff and after bath Pumpkin ate all the bananas and some of the peaches.


Then Heath and I watched the last episode of Dexter season 2. Then we folded and put away a ton of laundry and got ready for bed.

For those interested here is a Christmas video from my sister sister’s convent.



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