This weekend was all about celebrating. We got started Thursday when I got out of work. Heath and the kids had the van all packed up and picked me up on the way to St. Joesph, MO. It was about an hour drive to our hotel. As we got off the highway exit ramp we were excited to see both the sign for our hotel and the building with a water slide sticking out of it.

We hurried to check into the room and found the hotel to not be real full and the rooms were nice. We got changed into swimsuits and headed to the pool.  DSC01808

We played at the pool for a few hours, then changed and went to Pizza Hut then came back to the pool for another hour or so. It was just right for our family. The pool was split into 3 main areas. First there was a real shallow area that Pumpkin could touch in.
It had a play area in the middle. The play area had some stairs or a net to climb to get into. There was a giant bucket on top that poured a ton of water down every 5 minutes or so.  DSC01823

There was some little things to play on and 3 smallish water slides. Pumpkin could go down 2 of them assuming someone was there to catch her or ride with her.


The middle area of the pool was 3ft deep and Peanut could touch really well.unused

There was a lazy river thing that went around it and you could float in a tube.  DSC01815

In the middle was a couple basketballs and an open area to toss them around.

Just past the middle area was the water slide. DSC01812
Peanut was a good height and he could ride on his own or with us.  DSC01822

The slide was pretty long and if you laid down pretty fast. It curved around and at some parts there was cool lights things and some parts were completely dark.

Also the girls favorie part was the hot tub.  DSC01828

Other then our trip to Pizza Hut we spent all night at the pool, then went back to the room for showers and pajamas. Pumpkin went to bed first and when she stopped fussing Peanut could go to sleep. Heath and I watched an episode of Dexter on the laptop while Peanut fell asleep and I was falling asleep during it.

Pumpkin got us up around 4am so we slept in the next morning and missed breakfast. We got all ready, ate some snacks then checked out of our room and spent a few hours at the pool before getting starving for lunch. Pumpkin was really fussy so we decided to get drive through and keep her in the car and eat while driving home.

Friday evening we went to Chelly’s for some Mexican food with some friends. We had a great meal and some tasty margaritas then went next door to visit and hang out.


Eventually the kids went to bed and we cheersed the new year with some fireworks. (link to Brian and Courtney’s video, finally is best 05:30)

Saturday we spent a lot of the day watching Karate Kid movies and hanging out with Jon, Amanda and Allie. In the evening Stooks joined us for dinner then we celebrated his 30th birthday.


Some friends came over and the kids went to bed then everyone went to Tommy’s bar. Heath and I took turns staying at home and going to the bar. Then everyone came over for some cake and fresh popcorn.



Sunday we slept in then cooked up a nice big breakfast and ate it at lunch time.  There was pork chops, fried potatoes, biscuits and scrambled eggs. I covered everything in gravy.

Matt, Jon, Amanda and the kids all hung out, ate and watched the chiefs game.  DSC01852

After the game everyone headed out. We put away Christmas decorations and got rid of everything holiday related and then cleaned up the house, the kids and the adults. We ate dinner then everyone got to bed early. It was still a rough night as both the kids had trouble sleeping and woke us up.


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