Ohh Fishy

When I got home from work Pumpkin was just getting down for her afternoon nap after a rough day with Nanny. I let her sleep, sent Nanny home, stuck my pot pie in the oven and started working on my TV/Computer setup. I’ve been doing some little customizing to it to make it do more stuff smoothly. It’s going pretty good so far. Heath got home and I showed off the changes and talked about Pumpkin’s day then she headed off to a meeting. I took the baby monitor outside and split a good pile of wood before it got too dark and close to dinner time and time to get Pumpkin up.

I changed Pumpkin and we loaded up the wood stove.

Then I fed her a bottle and let her wake up till Heath got home. Once Heath was home we all ate dinner. The chicken pot pie was a little too juicy but quite good and we ate the whole thing before I thought to take a picture. Pumpkin was all about sweet potatoes and ate all we had. While eating we watched How I met you Mother. Then Heath went to her Aunt’s and Pumpkin and I cleaned up our dinner and did the dishes. She was in a great mood and ran into the kitchen for a snack (raisin, chereeo or cracker) then back into the family room to play over and over. We got the dishes all done and some meat thawing out for Friday and some bacon cooked for BLTs tonight. Then we headed downstairs to load up the stove and feed the fish.

Then Pumpkin and I read some books and played some toys and I started some movie on Netflixs.

Then I changed Pumpkin and put on her pajamas and we  laid on the couch and she drank a bottle. About the time she ran out of milk Heath got home and nursed her some and Pumpkin went to bed. Heath and I watched a little TV then went to bed.




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