Fun in the Snow

My morning started with a call at 5am and I quickly got some stuff together and headed into work. I fixed the minor emergency and started packing up a remote kit. Then I changed into fancy clothes to go watch Gov. Brownback get signed in.  The trip out had some hard snow fall and questionable roads but I didn’t have to drive and we made it there and back for our broadcast just fine. When we got back to the station the university had declared a snow day and everyone had gone home. I helped unpack the remote stuff then headed home.

On the way to topeka for broadcast of @kcuruptodate

Pumpkin was about ready for a nap and at first we thought we would put her down then go play outside but decided she may like to play too so we delayed nap time and everyone got ready to brave the weather.

At first Pumpkin thought it was fun getting on all these weird clothes then she was a little frustrated that she could barely move.

There was a nice layer of snow already and tons of more snow falling down on us.

At first we just messed around in the front yard a while then we got out sleds and shovels.

We took turns pulling the kids around the yard

Then we did some real sledding.

Pumpkin laughed whenever we pulled her around in the sled and seemed to be interested in the snow. Once I taught her you could eat it she was really into it. We pushed her car around and Heath got busy shoveling.

Peanut made some snow angels.

Then I took her inside and got off all the snow stuff. I fed her a bit and gave her a warm bottle of milk then laid her down for a nap. I left Pumpkin and the camera inside and headed back out to help with a couple projects. Really it was 1 project with 2 parts, shovel the driveway and use the snow to build a cool fort. It was snowing pretty hard still but we got a lot of the driveway shoveled and made a fort that Peanut was really excited about. Then we did some more sledding and went faster and had a great time. I meant to take a picture of the fort this morning but forgot. We got several more inches of snow so the driveway does not look like we did anything.

We came back in and built up both fires and got the baby up and started working on dinner. Peanut grilled all of our hot dogs over the fire with a little supervision.

We also had some scalloped potatoes and chili and jalapeno poppers and green beans.

I snuck Pumpkin’s green beans into chereos.

We spent the rest of the evening eating and watching the snow out the window and checking the school closings and watching tv. Peanut did get canceled today but I did not.

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  1. Brian says:

    Sounds like a fun day!

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