Ready for a bottle or fifty


The Nanny sent us a text in the middle of the night saying she was sick so I’m home today watching Pumpkin. I got up early still and ran in the snow and 4F weather and then made egg free apple cinnamon pancakes with bacon for Peanut and the same for Heath but also coffee. I made them lunch and sent them to work/school. Pumpkin is still sleeping it up. Not sure what we will do today being stuck inside. Probably some cooking and laundry and goofing off.

Last night we made the biggest pan of curry ever.

Then I worked on a leak on the water line to our refridgerator. Then I hit up the hardware store and fixed the toilet in our room.

Then I played brew-master. DSC01938

I took some readings and compared them to older readings and it looks like my beer is done fermenting and ready for carbonating and bottling.  I plugged my numbers into a calculator and my beer should be about 4% alcohol. It smells quite tasty.


I need about 50 bottles and have some but not that many. I need to order some soon but in the mean time I picked up some more Sam Adams to drink up and then reuse the bottles from. Plus you are always supposed to have a beer while working on brewing.



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