Congrats Brian and Courtney

I guess Courtney will be ready for a Prewitt home brew beer.I don’t really have any information besides what you see above yet.

After work I headed home and sent the Nanny home and quickly straitened baby jail and baby. Then I started getting food ready and gave Pumpkin a snack.

Our good camera had come via fedex and was all fixed so I unpacked it and grabbed some batteries.

Our friends Brian, Jennifer and Victoria came over shortly later. Victoria was scared of me at first and Pumpkin was afraid of Brian but soon enough everyone was playing in baby jail. Heath and Peanut got home and we tossed some cheese on dinner, stuck it in the oven and headed back to the Early Childhood Development Center for baby play time.

My camera batteries were dead so I was stuck using the camera phone.

There are a lot of toys and the girls were motivated to test out just about each one or at least take it off a shelf.

Peanuts at the upper end of the age group the play room is for but he drew a really big AT AT on some paper they had that looks really good.

And I think he had a good time playing dress up.

We let the girls work on coloring pictures too and kept Pumpkin from eating any of the crayons.

It was getting hard for me not to start eating crayons by this point so we headed home. I had a big pan of wheat noodles, cream cheese, cottage cheese, spaghetti sauce, pork sausage, turkey sausage, spinach, mushrooms and onions topped with cheese warming in the oven. I made most of it on my day off so it was easy and ready when we were done playing. We also had some asiago bread w/ olive oil dipping sauce and some green beans. I think all the adults and kids ate a bunch.  Once most of dinner was gone I brought out some blueberry muffins.

I used baking mix to make them but the consensus was that since they didn’t come from a box they were home made. After dinner the girls played some more in baby jail and Peanut took a shower and the adults talked about baby girls and stuff for a while.  Then our guests went home and we got the kids ready for bed.  Peanut heads to his dad’s house tomorrow and I am planning a summer vacation that may involve Canada so I took some quick passport photos. I’m not sure if they are really usable or not yet. Would you let this guy into your country?

We got the kids in bed and did dishes and brought in bunches of firewood and got the fire going good and brought the dog in then we watched a little tv and fell fast asleep.

I’m full of news today, Baby Jack is here, my camera is back and Kentaro is coming back. Chiaki let us know he got his visa business all taken care of and his job has not fired him for not being there so he is getting a ticket back. Would you let this guy into your country?

This weekend I predict I’ll watch some playoff football, visit a new baby, help replace a clutch and not come in to work Monday because it’s Martin Luther King Day.


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