MLK Weekend

Friday we headed strait from work to the doctor’s office for Pumpkin’s 15 month checkup.  She got some shots and showed to be doing great developmentally but needed to put on some weight. The doctor gave us some information and tips on how to add some fat to Pumpkin’s diet. After the appointment we decided to get started and headed to Price Chopper. Usually a trip to the grocery store involves looking for the least calories and fat but this trip was to help Pumpkin gain weight and not necessarily add a lot of sugar. We got things like heavy cream to add to her milk, Velveeta shells and cheese, butter to put on her veggies, sour cream, cream cheese, pop tarts, beans, bacon and other things that had a lot of fat in them.  So I was getting closer to having Pumpkin eat the same meals as us but now I need to go back to making hers a little different.

The rest of Friday was kind of a waste, we had a good time feeding Pumpkin the new stuff and spent a bunch of time making a dinner plan then just ate leftovers and watched Dexter on the couch all night.  Saturday Heath got up and ran then she headed to her mom’s house with Pumpkin and I went to Jon’s and helped him take apart his truck to replace the clutch. He had done a lot of the work already but I helped him get the transmission out and helped with a stuck bolt and eventually helped get the transmission back in. When I left Jon’s I had a little snack then we all 3 got cleaned up and headed to the northland. We picked up some Longboards dinner, a 6 pack of Fat Tire then went to meet baby Jack in the Hospital.

Jack slept the whole time but I still picked him up a bit and we talked with Brian and Courtney about the birth and stuff for a while and of course ate some awesome Longboards wraps. Mine was a monster wrap filled with chili, fritos, chicken, cheese, jalapenos, siracha and who knows what all else. Heath’s was little slider sandwiches with pulled pork and crab and lots of other things.

We left the hospital and headed home and tried to catch up on football. Stooks, Geoff, Stephen and Becky all came over and we watched some football and had a few drinks and eventually watched other tv stuff till bedtime.

Sunday morning I got up and took Berry to the woods for a nice snowy trail run. We started out the run going up a big hill and I was exhausted the rest of the run. We didn’t really see any deer or animals or people the whole time. I got back and Heath and Stooks were up so we cooked some breakfast burritos with egg whites, spinach, mushroom, red peppers, onions and cheese.

Then Stooks headed home and we all got cleaned up and dressed up nice then went to a wake for Heath’s great uncle. We did a rosary then sat around in the church and talked and viewed the body. We headed home after that and tried to take naps but it didn’t really work out for us. Then we got dressed again and went to a little family gathering to see all the people in town for the funeral. Heath’s sister came home with us after and we put Pumpkin in bed then Heath and I went to Lew’s for dinner and drinks. We pigged out on chicken wings and nachos then headed home and went to bed.

We got up kind of early Monday and I made breakfast sandwiches with egg ham and cheese on mini wheat bagels. Then we got on our fancy pants and went to the funeral. After the mass there was a little ceremony outside but it was windy and freezing so we all hurried in after and had a lunch. Lunch was pretty good and I ate a lot. Then we took Pumpkin home for a nap and she slept the whole ride home. Once home we tried to extend the nap but she was not interested. We watched tv for about an hour then loaded up the van and headed to the airport to pick up KK.

We got there and found they really did let him back. We headed to Lawrence and heard his stories from Japan. Once at his apartment Chiaki got us some Free State beer and then some BBQ. We ate bunches of ribs and beans and stuff. Everyone was pretty tired so we headed home after dinner. Pumpkin and I read a bunch of books then watched House and put her to bed. Heath and I headed to our bed and watched Lie to Me and I fell asleep during it.






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  1. Brian says:

    That is one cute baby. Those parents are lucky.

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