Goofy Dinner

I spent most of the night in the kitchen having fun. Heath and Peanut got home before me and started dinner. Heath was making some recipe for something with mango, chicken, squash and sweet potatoes in it. When I got home Heath went for a run then went to a meeting. I kept an eye on the dinner she started and decided I better cook some deer meat that I had planned to cook on my weekend trip but had not gotten around to. Peanut and Pumpkin helped me make a chocolate pudding pie too. While all the food was cooking we tried to play some and work on ideas for a fort in Peanut’s room.

Eventually Heath came home and we were all super ready to eat.

Durring dinner and after we all goofy and Heath took a bunch of pictures of us being silly.

Once dinner was gone we tore up all the pudding with some whip cream and cherries on top.

Peanut was still hungry so I cut up an orange for him and showed him how to do this.

He thought it was the funniest thing in the world. We both put oranges in our mouths and snuck up on Heath and surprised her. Peanut started laughing harder and harder then started crying pretty hard. Heath and I could not figure out what was going on till he calmed down and somewhat explained that it was pretty much the funniest joke ever.

We were low on food for lunches and tonight’s dinner so I headed to Aldi for a few things and Heath stuck both the dirty kids in the tub.

I came back and fed Pumpkin a snack and gave her some milk and lullabies and put her in bed. Heath read to Peanut and got him in bed then we worked on dishes and cleaning the kitchen and I made a big batch of strawberry pancakes for breakfast for a couple days. Finally we were done cooking stuff for the day and got the fire going and straitened the house a little bit then headed to bed a little early so I could run early. The plan was to watch some Hulu on my laptop but instead I just fell asleep immediately. Berry and I had a pretty good snow run this morning and got the biggest log ever into the wood stove.



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