I didn’t realize it last night but there was a lot of Japanese stuff going on last night. First Peanut played Godzilla on his trash city. On December 17th 2009 Peanut started building a city out of random boxes and things he salvaged from our recycle bin. We glued it all together and painted it and he loved it. It took up a 4×6 section of my shop and almost never got used so I was not as big of a fan. For over a year Heath and I have been talking to Peanut about taking it down and getting rid of it but anytime we mention it’s demise he gets very upset and has a meltdown. Finally it sunk in and after work he and Heath went down and took it apart.

His shirt says #1 or the best in Japanese.

While they were working I started to assemble dinner and when they were done the kids read books and watched Sesame Street while Heath and I got everything ready.

(in case you have not seen it in a while Ernie and Bert are animated above?)

A short time later we called the kids in and assembled double decker tacos with a soft tortilla, re fried beans, hard tortilla, fajita deer meat, black beans, red peppers, onions, cheese, spinach, corn and siracha.

Then Peanut topped them with cilantro

And Pumpkin looked creepy while eating tortillas and cantaloupe.

Peanut was in slow motion and spent a lot of time eating dinner. The rest of us finished and I did the dishes and gave Pumpkin a sink bath then played dress up a little bit and stuck her in a little kimono that KK and Chiaki brought back from Japan.I guess she tried to play ninja or something because she would not stay still and ran all over avoiding me with the camera.

She even tore through the baby gate.

Heath was getting Peanut in the shower but caught the samurai baby for me.

Once Peanut was clean and in pajamas we set up Monopoly while Heath made fancy drinks.

Peanut dominated us in Monopoly and Pumpkin cheered him on and ate snacks.

Then we put the kids to bed and Crashed on the couch and watched War.

When it was over it was bedtime so we got everything ready and headed to bed.



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4 Responses to Peanutzilla

  1. TCB says:

    will join Peanutzilla to destroy the city someday. Pumpkin looks so cute!!

  2. The Mrs. says:

    KK – you are awesome!

  3. TCB says:

    greatest picture I ve ever  seen in my life. Great work. She will love it and you when she gets older.

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