Our Little Kiddo

Good news and bad news. First this morning Pumpkin woke up at like 5:45 and I rocked her and hummed to her and then laid her back down and she was angry for a bit but eventually got back to sleep. 10 min or so after she fell asleep I realized the camera is in her room. We kind of did a bad job of taking pictures this weekend but I do remember taking a few.

Friday night we had nachos for dinner w/ a bunch of fajita deer meat on them. We made some drinks and got caught up on at least a weeks worth of TV. We thought about getting productive or doing something fun but instead just vegged out. Saturday I got up got the fire built up, ate some cereal then headed out side. I split some old wood till 10 then I fired up the chain saw and cut all the logs I brought back from Tony’s farm.  IMG_4584

It is some good wood and I could not help splitting up a bunch of the rounds I cut. Meanwhile Heath had fed Pumpkin and played a bit then laid her down for nap. Heath made a bunch of great hummus. I came in and got cleaned up then got Pumpkin cleaned up then Heath got cleaned up and we headed to the north land to visit baby Jack and his parents.

We got a nice big pizza covered in toppings and drank a few beers and talked about babies and all sorts of stuff. Both the kids did really good and the dog was happy that Pumpkin was there to sneak him green beans.

(Probably would have had a great shot of Pumpkin feeding dog)

Pumpkin got tired and we wanted to go to Walmart and Restore on the way home so we headed out. We bought some stuff at Walmart then got some gas then Pumpkin fell asleep. We didn’t want to wake her so we skipped restore and headed home. We cleaned up a bit when we got there then I was hungry for burgers and fries so we invited Stooks and the neighbors over to grill and fry.

It was a pretty good dinner. We hung out for a while afterwords having a few beers and watching tv.

Sunday morning I got up pretty early and added some paint to the shelves and cleaned all the paintbrushes I could find. I made Heath and I some breakfast sandwiches and started a very productive day working around the house. We spent some time and Lowe’s and Home Depot planning a kitchen remodel and Heath was gone all afternoon. Pumpkin and I cleaned up the house a bunch and cut my hair, set up a new desk and horse for her and I cleaned up the garage to make room for building a beam.

Heath came home and we had BBQ deer wrap things w/ fried cabbage, onions, and sweet potatoes for dinner. Then Jon came over and we bottled 20 something bottles of the last of my amber ale. Then we started making some plans for taking down a kitchen wall and spent a lot of the night figuring out how to reorganize the space.

Ok now for some pictures. So last week I took this picture and thought it would be great to photoshop. 
I put it up on reddit and asked for people to photoshop it for me. I mentioned she looked like she belonged in kill bill with a sword. Here is what I got.


I thought it was pretty funny.

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  1. Brian says:

    Damn, some of those photoshops are just plain awesome!

  2. TCB says:

    one that Pumpkin is chasing a girl. Great, great¬†work. It is so funny, I can’t stop.

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