The Fridge Hunt Begins

After work I headed to Aldi. It didn’t seem like we needed that much till I got there and started picking out things we were low on. Before long I had a pretty full cart. Heath and Pumpkin were loading the wood stove when I got home to keep things warm.

I got busy cooking stuff, Pumpkin got busy eating stuff and Heath headed off to a meeting. First I made a bean salad for tonight’s game night. I’m not going to bother listing the tons of ingredients but it has a lot of beans, ham and cilantro in it.

I also made some biscuits. Heath calls them from scratch but they are really just the mix stuff for pancakes and some milk, rolled into balls then baked.

I also cooked a pan of veggies and ham, snagged a bit for Pumpkin then added egg.

and cheese

Meanwhile a monster ran circles around me in the kitchen.

Pumpkin’s back end had a bit of a rash on it so before I started cooking I took off her diaper, wiped her butt, fenced off the kitchen and let her run around in shoes and an unbuttoned onesie. She was pretty indifferent to her lack of pants and continued her normal behavior of trying to get into everything, trying to move everything and trying to climb on the worst possible things.

Silly dad thought she would ride the car on the hard kitchen floor but to her it was just a step to get to the higher drawers with no locks on them.

Heath came home and we dished up brinner. Everything was pretty good, we ate scrambled eggs as a dip by scooping large chunks up with tortilla chips and put blackberry jelly on the biscuits. Pumpkin just scraped the jelly off the biscuits.

We watched 1/2 a Dexter while eating then quickly packed up the food, bundled up the baby and went refrigerator shopping.

Our current fridge is from 1988. It looks old but has run well for a long time. It is a little loud sometimes and the ice maker started leaking a few weeks ago but at least the leak is probably repairable. We decided not to bother trying to fix it since we are doing the kitchen remodel and want some new appliances. We have pretty much figured out we don’t know much about refrigerators, we want 26 or more cubic feet, ice on the front, quiet, efficient and one that will last a while. So please help us out. If your fridge is under 10 years old, tell us about it, what brand and what you like/don’t like about it. If it is really new and you really like it tell me what model it is please. We could use any tips you have.

So we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart and headed strait to the secret corner of scratched appliances. About 10% of our fridge is not covered in magnets, pictures, drawing and coupons so a scratch or dent should be easy to hide. We found one that met our criteria and seemed a good price but we really didn’t know. Ohh yeah we are probably going with black appliances and it was black. We looked at it a bit then a salesman took us to see the same model on the showroom where it was plugged in. Then we looked over all the other fridges and found several potential models. We were not really ready to buy so moved on to the ovens and stove tops and checked on several other things we may need for the new kitchen.

Pumpkin was getting pretty heavy and pretty tired so we dragged Heath out and headed home. Once home Pumpkin ate some cheese then headed to bed. Heath talked on the phone a bit and I got tools and stuff ready. Once she was off the phone we hung shelves.


Well we actually moved around baby jail some to make room then hung up both book shelves in a corner and then took all Pumpkin’s books out of the diaper box and found all the ones spread around the room and put them in the shelf. It should be pretty easy access for Pumpkin to get to and not bad for us to put them away.

(yeah at least one of these walls is coming down and probably all the paneling but there are shelves for now)

Once the shelves were done we got on Heath’s computer and looked at some appliances website her company has with discounts. We didn’t really find any fridges that seemed better then the scratched one but we found ovens and stuff that were awesome and much cheaper.

We did this till bedtime then tucked Berry in, built up the fire and headed to bed.


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4 Responses to The Fridge Hunt Begins

  1. Lynn says:

    I noticed you’re looking at a side-by-side fridge, and that’s what we got 10 years ago. We still have it, but when it konks out we won’t get another side-by-side. We don’t have nearly as much room as we would like in it. The freezer is really small and awkward.

    If we could do it again, we’d get one with the fridge on top and a pull-out drawer freezer on the bottom.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    That style with the double doors on top and freezer on bottom is still in the running. Our current one is side by side and seems ok but we have a deep freeze not far.

  3. Lynn says:

    That right there is the fridge of my dreams. It’s roomy, it’s accessible and it’s laid out in a manner that’s accommodating to larger cooking vessels and baking sheets. It’s hard to put a casserole dish in the side by side, let alone a couple of them. And forget about putting a cookie sheet with fruit to freeze or whatever in the freezer. No room at all, at least not for us.

  4. Ding says:

    I will bring in last month consumer reports for you, it has like 6 pages rating all the different fridge types.  We have a side by side GE model GSH25JFTACC, it works for good for us.  You might also check Lowes.

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