Our Padawan

Last night we had a Parents As Teachers meeting at our house pretty much right after work. I had time to boil some noodles and carrots and Heath cut up some broccoli. I tossed together some tuna helper thing and stuck it in the toaster oven on real low.

Our PAT lady showed up with a bucket of toys and sat down on the floor. She is really smiley and positive and combined with the toys the kids were immediately drawn to her. The meeting was basically just play time where she watches Pumpkin and then tells her how awesome she is. Somehow this lady brings out the best in Pumpkin and she will follow directions really well and do a great job of showing off her skills.

I’m not sure how long we played but Pumpkin read us some books and we read her some and she sorted some toys and kicked and lifted big things and as the parents part we had a great time learning about the cool stuff going on in our daughter’s development.

(picture not from yesterday)

Peanut was eager to show off for the lady too and we had a tough time convincing him to take a back seat. The lady promised to bring him some toys next month too.

We were all pretty hungry when the lady left. Pumpkin had tried to head for the kitchen to find a snack a few times and she was feeding everyone imaginary apples from the pictures in the books.

We quickly set the table, pulled the casserole out of the oven and sat down to eat.

The simple dinner was a big hit and we ate the whole pan. Pumpkin was crazy about the broccoli. We ate fairly quickly for us and then Heath and Peanut headed to Target. We were out of milk and Peanut had been dieing to buy a lego set with his own money. All the fridge shopping got him motivated to do some shopping for something he liked.

While they were gone Pumpkin ate an orange for dessert and I did the dishes. Once the sink was clear I stuck her in it.

I have her a good long bath and let her play. She had been drawing pictures with the Nanny earlier and had some marker spots so she got a good bath. At the end I got a towel and picked her up and discovered she had really relaxed in the tub and left something behind.

I decided she was probably contaminated and drained the sink, cleaned it out real good again and then started over with the bath. This time it was not really fun I just held her and sprayed her down, soaped and sprayed again then wrapped in a towel.

We added wood to the fire then got on warm pajamas. Pumpkin has been crazy about hats lately so we stuck on a pink one.

Heath’s friend had just knitted a blue one and I figured she would like to see Pumpkin wearing it so then I swapped hats.

We had so much fun playing earlier in the night that we decided to crank up some Katy Perry and play. We ran around crazy for a little bit.

Then I helped Pumpkin climb the slide then she threw balls off. I chased them down and tossed them back up to her.

Heath and Peanut came home and we got the kids in bed. While Heath was reading to Peanut I worked on putting together a floor plan for the remodel. I was trying to measure long walls and put them into a program that was giving me trouble and getting frustrated with nothing working.

Heath finished working and saw my frustration and took over on the computer and we worked together on measurements.  IMG_4770

While she was on the laptop I had some free time to move laundry around in the washer and dryer, build up the fire and turn on the water to the new fridge.  IMG_4767

Once that was working good I moved on to the missing wall. There was a 2×4 along the ground that was raised a little and was a bit of a trip hazard. I pulled the nails out of it and got it out of there then cleaned up the spot where it was.

Then I cut 2 thin boards and put them in there so the floor was flat across the gap. I found a rug from the basement to put over it. I’m hoping the rug will keep Pumpkin from removing the boards in there.


Heath got frustrated with the floor plan software I was using and went back to a different one she had used earlier. Eventually the room started to come together and our measurements started fitting in.


Just before bed she got all the walls, doors, fireplace and windows in place. Now we can modify that to add or remove the inside walls, and find possible places for counters, appliances etc.

Since I forgot yesterday, here is the new location of the mirror.


and here is the stocked fridge.




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  1. The Mrs. says:

    New Fridge = Awesome!

  2. Brian says:

    Yeah, that puppy looks nice!

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