Smiley Girls

Peanut had a half day yesterday so I picked him up at lunch then he came to my office and sat at a desk, watching lego star wars videos and putting together legos. He was in the zone and the afternoon flew by for both of us. We went home and found the girls. We also found the mail and a large box for me.


I opened it up and discovered 2 new extract kits for beer. I also ordered a few supplies that will let me get 2 batches going at once now.

I am really excited to make these new flavors as the reviews were really good. Heath and Peanut started working on valentines for his class and I cooked us up dinner quick.

Then I got the baby and the food ready on the coffee table as Peanut and Heath had the dinner table full of stamps and cards.

We had some low fat fish sticks, cheesy rice w/ broccoli and corn and some home made re-fried beans. Everything was pretty good but we all finished our plates too easy so I made a double batch of fish sticks and we almost ate all of them. Then It was time for dessert. I had made a quick batch of fat free chocolate pudding and split it 3 ways. I shared over 1/2 of mine with Pumpkin and she loved eating it at first then loved painting herself with it.

Heath had a PTA meeting to go to so headed out after dinner and I got a bath going then stuck the baby in it. I got her washed real quick then Peanut hopped in. The kids played in the tub and I hung out and talked to my mom on the phone about cell phones. Then I got the kids out and in warm pajamas. Once all the teeth were brushed and the kids were ready for bed we snuggled up on the couch with our books.

Peanut read us Go Dog Go by Dr. Seuss first

Then I read Pumpkin a baby book and Peanut helped point out different animals and things and we worked on what the animals say.

Pumpkin knows duck and quack pretty good and maybe is getting the hang of cow and moo.

Then I stuck the kids in bed and went out for firewood and built up the fire and collected all the trash. Heath came home and I got busy in the kitchen. I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher then started a batch of apple cinnamon muffins. It was made from baking mix and scratch and I have not tried one but they smelled and looked pretty awesome. While I was baking Heath started folding laundry and I joined her while my muffins were cooking. We watched a bunch of old 3rd Rock from the Sun on Netflixs while we worked on laundry.

Eventually we got all but Pumpkin’s done and all the muffins cooked so checked on the snow fall and went to bed. Heath had an early meeting so we all got up early. I shoveled the drive then made the lunches while she and Peanut got ready. It looked like a lot of snow but most of it was just old snow and there was not much new stuff.




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