It’s really nice outside.

When I got home there was a little meeting already beginning. Heath, Pumpkin and Nanny were sitting with another couple and their newborn talking about daycare. The baby was 10 days old and Pumpkin was pretty interested in her and everyone else was pretty afraid of letting Pumpkin get to close. We did let her play with the baby’s foot a bit and eventually Pumpkin moved on to her toy baby and showed us how she gives her baby a drink of water and feeds her a little wood tree. Eventually everyone left and Heath went to a meeting so Pumpkin and I were on our own. I started dinner then Pumpkin and I walked to the neighbors house.

They were giving away a jogging stroller and Jon wanted it so we picked it up for them. I also looked at a porch project they will be starting soon. Then we headed home and played in the front for a bit since it was so nice out. Pumpkin played with her car some.

She had snuck a few pretzels in the hood this weekend and found a nice little snack for herself. It’s hard to get her to ride anymore as she is big and wants to push.

We also colored with chalk

played with the ball

and ate some snow.

Then we went inside and finished dinner and Heath came home. We had some spinich stuffed ravioli stuff with fish and a tomato sauce loaded with veggies. Pumpkin could not have the noodles and didn’t seen to like the fish but she loved the squash that was in our tomato sauce so Heath and I sacrificed most of ours. She also ate a ton of her noodles that have no egg. By the end of dinner she looked like.

So I left her in the chair and quickly did the dishes and cleared out the sink for a bath.In no time she was looking much better.

Heath looked up a bunch of nutritional value stuff for our dinner on the computer durring bath time.

Then came in to check on us.

Heath decided dinner was healthy enough that we could have some sherbet for dessert. I got Pumpkin dried off and in some pajamas.

We calmed her down and looked at some books and played calmly until her bed time. She knows “bed time” pretty well now and when we start saying “night night” and giving hugs and kisses she gets her sad eyes and pouty mouth out. Once she was in bed we got busy on our mirror frame. When we moved it we got it lined up pretty good but you can see a little unstained wood and when we shot some nails into it we made little holes that stick out.

Heath got out the tiny paint brush and stained black anything that was not.

I got out the wood putty and filled in all the nail holes with putty and smoothed them down. Soon we will be able to stain the wood putty spots and make the nail holes invisible.

Once everything was filled and stained Heath cleaned the brushes and I did some planning in the basement. I’d like to make sure the wall our attic beam will sit on is well supported in the basement. I did a little bit of measuring, some head scratching and some thinking. Heath joined me for a bit then we went upstairs and looked over a few floor plans she had drawn up.

We looked at 4 of them and talked about what we liked and disliked then got out some blanks and drew on them making up some new versions for her to draw up on the computer.

We talked kitchen stuff and had a glass of wine untill bed time.

This morning it was warm out. I was sweaty running in a T-shirt in February and turned around when the trail was too icy/wet/snowy.

I’m sure you can tell we have been messing with the website a lot lately. If you only read it in an RSS reader you should come to the actual site sometime and tell me what you think or any suggestions you have. Lately I have been excited about the favorite posts section. If you can think of any stories/adventures that should be in there let me know and I’ll add them.

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5 Responses to It’s really nice outside.

  1. Brian says:

    Designing the room must be exciting… I’m jealous!

  2. Heather says:

    You should come over sometime and give us your ideas!

  3. I think you should have the mountain hike in Utah and the boat trip from Lawrence(?) to Kc on the favorite posts site.

  4. thePrewitt says:

    Thanks Mary, I added them on the side part on the main page. They are called Utah Backpacking and Kaw Adventure. Those were some exciting stories.

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