AHh…Ahhp… Ahh..Pal…AhhPal…Apple

And then denies Dad a five.

I’ve got a remote broadcast this morning so I need to hurry. Friday it was really nice after work. I was at the library setting up for my broadcast and Heath and the kids met me there and picked out some books. Then we all went home and Heath and I got busy on dinner and the kids went outside and played with KK and Chiaki.

I grilled up a pile of chicken wings and burgers. The grill was being a real pain and had a huge flame in one spot and was kinda cold everywhere else.

After dinner we had a couple drinks and played some Farkle then the kids went to bed.

We watched the movie Catfish and were all kinda disapointed in it.

Saturday Heath and I got up early and split a bunch of wood. We got hungry and cooked breakfast. We had apple cinimon panckaes piles of veggies and scrabled eggs.

Peanut’s class is studying Japan and after breakfast he learned a little origami.

Heath and KK came outside with me and we moved all my split wood to the back fence while Chiaki and Peanut cleaned his room and Pumpkin took a nap.Next years wood pile is looking pretty hot.

Stooks came over and he KK and I went to the hardware store and grocery store. Then we came home and dissembled the grill that was a pain to cook on. We replaced all the guts and have a basically new grill now.

We decided to test it out and tossed on a couple slabs of ribs.

Jon, Amanda and Alli joined us and we played a bunch of games and trivia and stuff for the rest of the afternoon/evening. We took a break for dinner and then played a long game of Monopoly. Peanut loves ribs.

Sunday we ate biscuits and gravy and everyone went home. Pumpkin and I played for a bit while Heath and Peanut went to church. Then I headed to Jon’s and played mechanic with him and Derrick. We got a lot of the Econoline put back together.

Then Heath and I took the kids to the park to play. They both had a blast.

The rest of the night was leftovers for dinner, wipeout on tv, showers, books and early bed.

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