Familly Fun Night: Kids as Cooks

 IMG_5014More accurately it was probably whole family as cooks as we all helped out. I was the only one that left the house yesterday. When I got home Pumpkin was napping, Peanut was watching lego you tube videos and Heath was on the laptop. We screwed around a while then Pumpkin got up and we started cooking. The main course was spaghetti but this not our normal spaghetti it took a lot of creative preparation.  IMG_5015

We mostly made spiders by stabbing cocktail wieners with the noodles.


Peanut had a lot of fun making all sorts of creatures and really bizarre sculptures from the baby hot dogs and noodles and as long as Pumpkin had something to snack on she was cool with watching.


We tossed all the creatures in a pot of boiling water.


We also made some beans and some veggies and toasted some bread. While everything was cooking we played pretend cooking.  IMG_5023

Our neighbors outgrew their toy kitchen and lent it to Pumpkin. She gets some of her kitchen behavior from me and wants to take control and get everything the way she wants it.  IMG_5021

I saw Heath get in trouble a few times for putting things in the wrong places. Since it was family fun night we didn’t sit at the kitchen table and set up the coffee table for dinner and started the movie Old Dogs from Netflix.

We watched the movie and ate our dinner and it all turned out pretty fun and tasty.


Both the kids ate all the beans, broccoli, wieners and noodles we gave them. The movie was ok. Afterwords I started to do dishes and Pumpkin was helping so much that I gave up on getting anything in the dishwasher.  IMG_5028

Heath got Peanut in the shower and then ready for bed. We all read books and stuff and eventually had the kids in bed. We folded laundry and put it away and cleaned up some stuff around the house then watched some Dexter and headed to bed.

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3 Responses to Familly Fun Night: Kids as Cooks

  1. Becky says:

    I have a feeling you are in for a lot of the Pumpkin face in the last picture. “Oh Crap, did Dad see me do that”

  2. DB says:

    Pappy, you post about stuff you watch a lot and I would enjoy a brief review of your thoughts of what you graced your eye balls with.


  3. thePrewitt says:

    DB I don’t just intentionally ignore anything you comment. I will work on this.

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