The Start of a Good Day

A dinner game of “Would you rather…” led to Peanut’s not so healthy breakfast this morning

Nanny had stuff going on in the afternoon so Amanda and Alli came to play with Pumpkin while we were working. I got home first and the girls were playing. Pumpkin was being good but got grouchy with me when I got back. She wanted something but I was not quite sure what. Amanda and Ali headed home. I had a pizza from scratch dinner plan so got busy right away. Pumpkin was hungry and ate most of a can of green beans, a pile of raisins and a bunch of ham while I cooked. I made one super healthy crust and one regular crust. Then I cooked them and covered them in sauce, cheese, ham, pineapple and one had green peppers, onions and jalapenos.

While I was cooking, Heath and Peanut got home and I let Pumpkin down to play. It seemed like she was still hungry.

Peanut worked on building monsters and followed instructions off the computer.

Pumpkin was really impressed and tried to be like her brother and snuggled in with him on the couch.

Then we ate dinner and the pizzas were really good. I ate way to much and felt like I may burst. Pumpkin mostly ate the toppings off the crust and left a crust pile on her tray. Durring dinner Heath started up a game of “Would you rather…” It was pretty fun and we all learned some interesting food preferences. For instance Peanut would rather have french toast then pancakes, even if the pancakes are apple cinnamon or blueberry and he would rather have bacon over sausage. My favorite question was Peanut asking me if I would rather have hot sauce or beer when eating pizza because I pretty much always plant both in front of my plate on pizza night. I picked the hot sauce after much contemplation.

After dinner Heath got Peanut in the tub and played with Pumpkin and I got the dishwasher loaded and 1/2 the sink cleared up. Then we stuck Pumpkin in.

I cleaned her then let her play for a while. Once the kids were clean and in pajamas we ate some sherbert and watched WipeOut and Peanut read us books durring commercials. Then the kids went to bed. Heath and I had planned to start putting the basement back together but were worn out so crashed on the couch and watched 1/2 of Get him to the Greek.

After an hour Pumpkin started screaming so we paused it and checked on her. There was certainly something awful in the air and sure enough there was a steamy explosion in her diaper. Heath got her cleaned up and rocked her for a bit then she went to bed. I wanted to get up early to shovel snow so we left the movie half watched and headed to bed.

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