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Heath worked from home the second 1/2 of Friday and when I got home after work both the girls were snoozing. I put most of the basement back together, straitened some upstairs then made some blueberry muffins. Heath got up and Stephen and Becky came over for dinner.

We grilled chicken and had baked potatoes and green beans. After dinner we played a bunch of wii and had some drinks.

In the morning all 3 of us got up early and got dressed, ate breakfast then went to Jump, Jog, Jiggle. It was a program the Parents as Teachers put on. There was a big open room full of toys and they just let the kids go crazy.

Pumpkin started out playing with giant cardboard bricks and moved on to hula hoops, foam blocks, teeter totter and even enjoyed climbing in and out of the chairs. We played for about 50 minutes, then they read the kids a book and did a raffle for some free stuff. Pumpkin won a Dr. Seuss book for Peanut to read to her. Then we headed home and ate some lunch.

After lunch Pumpkin took a nap and Heath and I cleaned up the house and put the rest of the basement back together. At 2 I headed out on a Craigslist ad and Heath hosted a face lotion party w/ some of her family.

I went to Lenexa and picked up a bunch of empty beer bottles to put my brew in. Then I met up with Stephen at Tommy’s for a beer. Once home I unloaded several boxes of bottles and checked on the girls. We were all a bit beet and relaxed on the couched and watched a bit of TV.

Then Stooks came over and he and I replaced the taillight on his car. Peanut had broken the original one with a croquet ball a long time ago and I found a new one at Pick and Pull for him.  Later on Kevin, Mike and Geoff all came over and we ordered pizzas, hung out, watched old movies and drank some beers.

In the morning we slept in, then had some pizza for breakfast. We played with Pumpkin and just screwed around for a while then Pumpkin went down for a nap. I started washing my new beer bottles.


I was thinking about bottling my dark wheat and IPA but took some readings and I don’t think they are quite ready.


So I moved the fermenter buckets downstairs near the fireplace and shook them up a bit to get the yeast active.

Then Heath and I looked at floor plans a bunch and talked about all sorts of ideas.Then I headed to Jon’s house to put a couple bolts in the van and check out his new kitchen shelves. Just as we got going on the van it started raining pretty good so we had to abandon the project. We talked for a while then I went home. Heath and Pumpkin were at Costco so I played some Wii till they got home. Then I helped unload groceries and start dinner. Jon, Amanda and Alli came over and we watched Get him to the Greek. Then they left and we went to bed.

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